National Reports

Document Number Title CMS Instrument Publish date
AC7/Doc.17 Data on fishing effort submitted by Poland 21/02/2000
AC12/Doc.15 Annual National Reports for 2004 as submitted to the Secretariat as of 7 April 2005 07/04/2005
AC17/Doc.2-08 Annual National Report Poland 16/08/2010
AC18/Doc.2-08 Annual National ReportPoland 21/04/2011
AC19/Doc.2-08 Annual National Report Poland 20/02/2012
AC20/Doc.13.h 2012 Annual National Report Poland 05/07/2013
AC21/Inf.12.1.h 2013 Annual National Report Poland 24/07/2014
AC22/Inf.15.1.h 2014 Annual National Report: Poland 03/08/2015
2015 Annual National Report: Poland 05/07/2016

Ratification status

CMS InstrumentStatusStatus dateNotes


Date of accession: 
Thursday, 18 January 1996
Date of Acceptance of Amendment: 
Wednesday, 1 July 2009
Official nameRepublic of Poland
RegionBaltic Sea
Entry into forceJanuary 1996

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