14th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
19 Apr 2007 to 21 Apr 2007
CitySan Sebastian

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Number Title Files
AC14/Doc.1 rev. 1 Draft Agenda
AC14/Doc.2 Draft Annotated Agenda
AC14/Doc.3 Final Final List of Documents
AC14/Doc.4 Provisional List of Documents by Agenda Item
AC14/Doc.5 Draft Rules of Procedure for theASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC14/Doc.6 ASCOBANS Resources Report by the Acting Executive Secretary
AC14/Doc.7 ASCOBANS Triennium Work Plan for 2007-2009.Progress made, further action required, linkages to theASCOBANS Conservation and Management Plan, andsuggestions for effective implementation of the Agreement
AC14/Doc.8 Publicity/PR Issues and Year of the DolphinReport on Educational and Promotional Activities 1/2007
AC14/Doc.9 rev.2 Annual National Reports for 2006 Submitted to the Secretariat as of 17 April 2007
AC14/Doc.10 Recommendations of the Third Meeting of the Jastarnia Group (Copenhagen, 19-21 February 2007) to the 14th Meeting of the Advisory Committee
AC14/Doc.11 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2007/2008
AC14/Doc.12 IWC Ship Strikes Working Group.First Progress Report to the Conservation Committee,May 2006
AC14/Doc.13 Proceedings of the 5th Meeting of the Parties to ASCOBANS,Netherlands, September/December 2006
AC14/Doc.14 Reports from Parties and Range States on implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No. 812/2004
AC14/Doc.15 Information submitted by Parties in response to post-mortem research questionnaire
AC14/Doc.16 High-speed ferries: Update of information
AC14/Doc.17 Fisheries Statistics submitted to the Secretariat
AC14/Doc.18 Evaluating the bycatch of small cetaceans in the ASCOBANS area
AC14/Doc.19 ASCOBANS Annual National Report for 2006
AC14/Doc.20 International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise 2007
AC14/Doc.21 Adverse human induced impacts on cetaceans
AC14/Doc.22 Cetacean stranding along the French coasts in 2005
AC14/Doc.23 Stakes representation of the French marine space
AC14/Doc.24 Joint Cetacean Protocol. An information paper for ASCOBANS
AC14/Doc.25 Collection and provision of fishing effort data
AC14/Doc.26 Fulfilling the pinger provisions of Regulation (EC) 812/2004Problems encountered and progress required to reduceharbour porpoise bycatch
AC14/Doc.27 Mitigating the impact of detonating unexploded ordnance in the Baltic Sea – an example from the “marine area of the eastern Kiel Bight” protected under the EC Habitats Directive
AC14/Doc.28 Review of new information on pollution, underwater sound anddisturbance: Military, including munitionsBaltic Time Bomb – Ticking Away