17th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
04 Oct 2010 to 06 Oct 2010
VenueUN Campus

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AC17/Doc.1-01 Draft Rules of Procedure of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC17/Doc.1-02 rev.1 Provisional Agenda
AC17/Doc.1-03 rev.3 Provisional Annotated Agenda
AC17/Doc.1-04 rev.5 List of Documents
AC17/Doc.2-01 Annual National Report Belgium
AC17/Doc.2-02 Annual National Report Denmark
AC17/Doc.2-03 Annual National Report Finland
AC17/Doc.2-04 Annual National Report France
AC17/Doc.2-05 Annual National Report Germany
AC17/Doc.2-06 Annual National Report Lithuania
AC17/Doc.2-07 Annual National Report Netherlands
AC17/Doc.2-08 Annual National Report Poland
AC17/Doc.2-09 rev.1 Annual National Report Sweden
AC17/Doc.2-10 rev.1 Annual National ReportUnited Kingdom
AC17/Doc.4-01 rev.1 Recommendations of the 6th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Group
AC17/Doc.4-01 Addendum rev.1 Report of the 6th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Group
AC17/Doc.4-02 rev.1 Report of the Secretariat on Publicity and Outreach Activities
AC17/Doc.4-03 Development of a Leaflet for Fishers in the ASCOBANS Area – Draft Texts
AC17/Doc.4-03 Development of a Leaflet for Fishers in the ASCOBANS Area
AC17/Doc.4-04 Draft Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) Plan for ASCOBANS
AC17/Doc.4-05 rev.1 Interim Report on Progress to develop further the ASCOBANS Conservation Plan for Harbour Porpoise in the North Sea
AC17/Doc.4-06 rev.1 ASCOBANS Triennium Work Plan 2010-2012 – Progress and Further Actions
AC17/Doc.4-07 Report of the ASCOBANS/ECS Cetacean By-catch Mitigation Workshop
AC17/Doc.4-08 Final Report of the ASCOBANS Intersessional Working Group on the Assessment of Acoustic Disturbance (2010)
AC17/Doc.4-09 Human dimensions of bycatch reduction technology: current assumptions and directions for future research
AC17/Doc.4-10 The community: a missing link offisheries management
AC17/Doc.4-11 IMO MEPC 59 Noise from Commercial Shipping and its Adverse Impacts on Marine Life – Report of the Correspondence Group
AC17/Doc.4-12 IMO MEPC 60 Noise from Commercial Shipping and its Adverse Impacts on Marine Life – Report of the Correspondence Group
AC17/Doc.4-13 By-catch begone: changes in the philosophy of fishing technology
AC17/Doc.4-14 Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Plan Monitoring Strategy
AC17/Doc.4-15 Bycatch Estimates of Coastal Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiopstruncatus) in U.S. Mid-Atlantic Gillnet Fisheries for 1996 to 2000
AC17/Doc.4-16 Note on the recent French studies on by catch and pingers in the English Channel
AC17/Doc.4-17 IMO MEPC 61 Noise from Commercial Shipping and its Adverse Impacts on Marine Life – Report of the Correspondence Group
AC17/Doc.5-01 Characteristics of and Threats to Toothed Whales Found Frequently Within the ASCOBANS Area
AC17/Doc.5-02 A note on the unprecedented strandings of 56 deep-diving whales along the UK and Irish coast
AC17/Doc.5-02 Addendum A note on the unprecedentedstrandings of 56 deep-diving whalesalong the UK and Irish coast– Figure 1b
AC17/Doc.5-03 Summary of the Third Meeting of the UNGA Working Group on Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
AC17/Doc.5-04 OSPAR Biodiversity Committee Background Document on Phocoena phocoena (Harbour porpoise)
AC17/Doc.5-05 rev.1 Opportunistic Sightings of Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in the Baltic Sea at large – Kattegat, Belt Sea, Sound, Western Baltic and BalticProper
AC17/Doc.5-06 Bottlenose Dolphins in the Southwest of England
AC17/Doc.5-07 Explanatory Note on Recommendation No. 23 adopted by the 6th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group
AC17/Doc.5-08 Report of the First ECS Workshop on White-Beaked & Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins
AC17/Doc.5-09 UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme
AC17/Doc.6-01 rev.3 Progress of Projects Supported through ASCOBANS
AC17/Doc.6-02 rev.2 Project Proposals Received forFuture Funding
AC17/Doc.6-03 Draft ASCOBANS Project Proposal Format
AC17/Doc.6-04 Update on the Tursiops SEAs project
AC17/Doc.6-05 Project Report: Effects of Contaminants on Reproduction in Small Cetaceans
AC17/Doc.6-06 Interim Project Report: Risk Assessment of Potential Conflicts between Shipping and Cetaceans in the ASCOBANS Region
AC17/Doc.6-07 Project Report: Genetic structure of white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchusacutus) in the Eastern North Atlantic
AC17/Doc.6-08 rev.2 Interim Project Report: Review of Trend Analyses in the ASCOBANS Area
AC17/Doc.6-09 Project Report: Development of the HELCOM-ASCOBANS Harbour Porpoise Database
AC17/Doc.7-01 rev.3 Reports of Representation of ASCOBANS at Meetings
AC17/Doc.7-02 rev.4 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2010/2011
AC17/Doc.7-03 Invitation for submission of data on Harbour Porpoise sightings, bycatches and strandings
AC17/Doc.7-04 HELCOM Indicator Fact Sheet:Decline of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in the southwestern Baltic Sea
AC17/Doc.7-05 Proposal to Extend the ACCOBAMS Agreement Area
AC17/Doc.7-06 Legal and Practical Implications of the Extension of the ACCOBAMS Geographical Scope
AC17/Doc.7-07 Proposal for Extension of ACCOBAMS Agreement Area – Some Legal Implications
AC17/Doc.8-01 Draft ASCOBANS Style Guide
AC17/Doc.8-02 Status Overview of ASCOBANS Resolutions
AC17/Doc.8-03 Report of the 6th Meeting of the Parties to ASCOBANS
AC17/Doc.13-01 rev.2 restricted Report on Administrative Issues 2009/2010
AC17/Doc.13-02 rev.1 restricted Report on Budgetary Issues 2009
AC17/Doc.13-03 rev.1 restricted Outline of Budget for 2010