22nd Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!


Participants are kindly invited to download AC22 documents as they become available.

Information for Participants containing details on the venue, hotel reservations and local transport will be made available shortly. Information related to the 5th Meeting of the North Sea Group on 28 September can be found here.

Should you experience problems in downloading documents or require any other assistance, please contact Bettina Reinartz and Heidrun Frisch at ascobans@ascobans.org

We look forward to welcoming you to The Hague in September! 

Online registration

Please go to www.ascobans.org/AC22/registration to register for the meeting by 30 August.


Requests for observer status need to reach the Secretariat by 31 July. A completed registration form or a written indication of your organization's intention to participate is sufficient.


29 Sep 2015 to 01 Oct 2015
Registration Deadline30/08/2015
CityThe Hague
VenueMinistry of Economic Affairs Bezuidenhoutseweg 73 2594 AC The Hague

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Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
AC22/Doc.1.2.a Provisional Agenda
AC22/Doc.1.2.b Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Schedule
AC22/Doc.1.3 Rev.1 ASCOBANS Work Plan 2013-2016 – Progress
AC22/Doc.2.1 Report of the 11th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group
AC22/Doc.2.2 Report of the 4th Meeting of the North Sea Group
AC22/Doc.4.1.a Rev.3 Report of the Bycatch Working Group (AC22)
AC22/Doc.4.1.b Draft Submission of ASCOBANS Advice on the Requirements of Legislation to Address Monitoring and Mitigation of Small Cetacean Bycatch
AC22/Doc.4.1.c Further Development of Management Procedures for Defining the Threshold of ‘Unacceptable Interactions’ – Proposed Next Steps
AC22/Doc.4.2 Report of the Joint CMS/ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Noise Working Group (2015)
AC22/Doc.4.6 Underwater Unexploded Ordnance in the ASCOBANS Area
AC22/Doc.4.7 Managing Cumulative Anthropogenic Impacts on the Marine Environment
AC22/Doc.5.5.a Intersessional Working Group on Research and Conservation Actions Undertaken in the Extended Agreement Area: Update for the Period September 2014 to August 2015
AC22/Doc.5.5.b Support for the Proposal to Expand the Geographical Range of the Listing of White-beaked Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) on Appendix II of CMS to Cover its Entire Range
AC22/Doc.6 Report of the Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Working Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
AC22/Doc.7.1 Rev.1 Report of the Secretariat on Outreach and Education Activities
AC22/Doc.7.2 ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award 2016
AC22/Doc.8.1 Progress of Projects Supported through ASCOBANS
AC22/Doc.8.2 Activities Requiring Funding
AC22/Doc.9.1 Draft Resolution: Activities of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee and Work Plan
AC22/Doc.15.2 Revision of the Annual National Reporting Format
AC22/Doc.16.4 Rev.1 Draft List of Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2015/2016
AC22/Doc.17.1.a Draft Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC22/Doc.17.1.b Report on Administrative Issues 2014-2015
AC22/Doc.17.2.a Report on Budgetary Issues 2014
AC22/Doc.17.2.b Mid-Term Report on Budgetary Issues 2015
AC22/Doc.18.1 Draft Resolution: Management of Expenditures between 2012 and 2015
AC22/Doc.18.2.a Draft Resolution: Financial and Administrative Matters
AC22/Doc.18.2.b Proposals for the Budget of the Financial Period 2017-2020
Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
AC22/Inf.1.2.a Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC22/Inf.1.2.b Rev.1 List of Documents
AC22/Inf.3.1 The short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis) in the north-east Atlantic: distribution, ecology, management and conservation status
AC22/Inf.4.1.a Report of the ASCOBANS Expert Workshop on the Requirements of Legislation to Address Monitoring and Mitigation of Small Cetacean Bycatch
AC22/Inf.4.1.b Working Group Comments on the Report of the ASCOBANS Expert Workshop on the Requirements of Legislation to Address Monitoring and Mitigation of Small Cetacean Bycatch
AC22/Inf.4.1.c Report of the Workshop on Further Development of Management Procedures for Defining the Threshold of ‘Unacceptable Interactions’ – Part I: Developing a Shared Understanding on the Use of Thresholds / Environmental Limits
AC22/Inf.4.1.d ICES 2015: Report of the Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species (WGBYC)
AC22/Inf.4.1.e Towards an EU Action Plan on Cetacean Bycatch
AC22/Inf.4.1.f Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1014/2014 of 22 July 2014 supplementing Regulation (EU) No 508/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund ...
AC22/Inf.4.1.g ICES Advice 2015: Bycatch of small cetaceans and other marine animals – Review of national reports under Council Regulation (EC) No. 812/2004 and other published documents
AC22/Inf.4.2.a Special Publication from the ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS/ECS Workshop on Noise and Environmental Impact Assessments
AC22/Inf.4.2.b Terms of Reference: Developing Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Noise-generating Offshore Industries for the CMS Family
AC22/Inf.4.2.c Increasing the Effort to Reduce Marine Noise: a focus on pile driving for offshore wind farms
AC22/Inf.4.3.a CMS Resolution 11.29: Sustainable Boat-Based Marine Wildlife Watching
AC22/Inf.4.3.b IWC Ship Strikes Working Group Seventh Progress Report to the Conservation Committee
AC22/Inf.4.3.c 3rd Progress Report on IWC Ship Strike Data Coordination – May 2015
AC22/Inf.4.4 CMS Resolution 11.27: Renewable Energy and Migratory Species
AC22/Inf.4.5.a CMS Resolution 11.30: Management of Marine Debris
AC22/Inf.4.5.b Reproductive failure in UK harbour porpoises Phocoena phocoena: legacy of pollutant exposure?
AC22/Inf.4.5.c Some thoughts on the consideration of marine debris in the context of the International Whaling Commission
AC22/Inf.4.5.d Regional Action Plan for Prevention and Management of Marine Litter in the North-East Atlantic
AC22/Inf.4.5.e HELCOM Recommendation 36/1 Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter (RAP ML)
AC22/Inf.4.5.f An update on research into marine debris and cetaceans
AC22/Inf.4.5.g Declaration of Monaco on Action Against Plastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea
AC22/Inf.4.6.a Outcome of the Second Meeting of the HELCOM Expert Group on Environmental Risks of Hazardous Submerged Objects (SUBMERGED 2-2015)
AC22/Inf.4.6.b HELCOM: Chemical Munitions Dumped in the Baltic Sea
AC22/Inf.4.6.c OSPAR Recommendation 2010/20 on an OSPAR framework for reporting encounters with conventional and chemical munitions in the OSPAR Maritime Area
AC22/Inf.4.6.d Risk Management for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in the Marine Environment
AC22/Inf.4.6.e Underwater Unexploded Ordnance – Methods for a Cetacean-friendly Removal of Explosives as Alternatives to Blasting
AC22/Inf.4.6.f Investigation into the long-finned pilot whale mass stranding event, Kyle of Durness, 22nd July 2011
AC22/Inf.4.7.a CMS Resolution 11.22: Live Captures of Cetaceans from the Wild for Commercial Purposes
AC22/Inf.4.7.b CMS Resolution 11.23: Conservation Implications of Cetacean Culture
AC22/Inf.4.7.c CMS Resolution 11.26: Programme of Work on Climate Change and Migratory Species
AC22/Inf.4.7.d Practical management of cumulative anthropogenic impacts with working marine examples
AC22/Inf.5.1.a ICES 2015: Report of the Working Group on Marine Mammal Ecology (WGMME)
AC22/Inf.5.1.b Small Cetaceans in European Atlantic waters and the North Sea (SCANS-III): Revised Proposal
AC22/Inf.5.3.a Report of the ACCOBAMS/Pelagos Workshop on Cetacean Live Stranding
AC22/Inf.5.3.b Report of the IWC Workshop on Euthanasia Protocols to Optimize Welfare Concerns for Stranded Cetaceans
AC22/Inf.5.5 Intersessional Working Group on Research and Conservation Actions Undertaken in the Extended Agreement Area: Report From Madeira
AC22/Inf.8.1.a Project Report: Pollutant exposure in coastal top predators: assessing current levels of exposure and toxic effects
AC22/Inf.8.1.b Project Report: Preparations for SCANS-III
AC22/Inf.8.1.c Project Report: Approaches to an Impact Indicator in the Light of Descriptor 11 (MSFD)
AC22/Inf.14 Status of Accession and Acceptance of the Agreement’s Amendment
AC22/Inf.15.1.a 2014 Annual National Report: Belgium
AC22/Inf.15.1.b 2014 Annual National Report: Denmark
AC22/Inf.15.1.c 2014 Annual National Report: Finland
AC22/Inf.15.1.d 2014 Annual National Report: France
AC22/Inf.15.1.e 2014 Annual National Report: Germany
AC22/Inf.15.1.f 2014 Annual National Report: Lithuania
AC22/Inf.15.1.g 2014 Annual National Report: Netherlands
AC22/Inf.15.1.h 2014 Annual National Report: Poland
AC22/Inf.15.1.i 2014 Annual National Report: Sweden
AC22/Inf.15.1.j 2014 Annual National Report: United Kingdom
AC22/Inf.15.2.a Current National Reporting Format for ASCOBANS
AC22/Inf.15.2.b IWC Voluntary National Reports on Cetacean Conservation
AC22/Inf.15.2.c IWC National Progress Reports Worksheets
AC22/Inf.16.1.a Reports from Relevant Meetings Back to ASCOBANS
AC22/Inf.16.1.b IWC Report of the Scientific Committee, San Diego, 2015 (SC66a)
AC22/Inf.16.2.a CMS Resolution 11.02: Strategic Plan for Migratory Species 2015-2023
AC22/Inf.16.2.b CMS Resolution 11.03: Enhancing Synergies and Common Services among CMS Family Instruments
AC22/Inf.16.2.c Independent Analysis on Common Services and Synergies in the CMS Family