11th Meeting of the North Sea Group


© Nicola Hodgins/WDC

© Nicola Hodgins/WDC.

The 11th Meeting of the North Sea Group will take place online from 14 to 15 February 2023.  

In its annual meetings, the Steering Group for the ASCOBANS Conservation Plan for Harbour Porpoise in the North Sea (North Sea Group) will review progress under the action plan, learn about complementary initiatives, and aim to move implementation forward.

As per the Terms of Reference of the North Sea Group: "The group consists of representatives of all states bordering the North Sea, irrespective of their status as ASCOBANS Parties or Non-Party Range States, preferably represented by members that are participating in the development and implementation of the national conservation plans for Harbour Porpoises. The group also consists of the Chair of the Jastarnia Group, North Sea environmental non-governmental organizations and North Sea fisheries organizations. [...] Each North Sea State shall be entitled to appoint North Sea Group Members, who shall represent the environmental sector and the fisheries sector and such Advisers as the Party may deem necessary. Appointed North Sea Group Members should ensure sufficient national coordination. North Sea environmental non-governmental organizations and North Sea fisheries organizations shall be entitled to appoint one North Sea Group Member per organization and such Advisers as they may deem necessary. The North Sea Group may, as appropriate, invite representatives of any other body or any individual qualified in cetacean conservation and management to participate in a meeting in the capacity of 'Invited Experts'.


Online registration: Kindly register for the meeting by 31 January 2023 via this online form (extended deadline). North Sea Group Members and their Advisers include representatives of Parties and Non-Party Range States bordering the North Sea, North Sea environmental NGOs and North Sea fisheries organizations, and Chair of the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Group. Invited experts, and approved observers may also participate in the meeting. 


Documents: Meeting documents will be uploaded to this page as they become available.  Information documents relevant to any of the agenda items (e.g. reports, scientific papers, publications, etc.) can be sent to the Secretariat for consideration by 31 January 2023 (extended deadline).

For any questions related to this meeting, please contact the ASCOBANS Secretariat.


14 Feb 2023 to 15 Feb 2023
Registration Deadline31/01/2023
OrganizerASCOBANS Secretariat
TypeWorking Group

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ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.2b Implementation - Germany
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.2c Implementation - Denmark
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.2d Implementation - the Netherlands
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.2.3a Fisheries in the Greater North Sea
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.2.4 Emergent Interactions in the Management of Multiple Threats to the Conservation of Harbour Porpoises
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.3a Implementation Review: Monitoring
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.3.1a East Scottish APEM Surveys
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.3.5 ICES Register of impulsive Noise in Greater North Sea
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.4a Pilot Study – Tagging Harbour Porpoises in the Dutch North Sea
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.5 Overall Progress in the Implementation of the Conservation Plan (Action 1)
ASCOBANS/NSG11/Pres.7 Conservation Management Plan (CMP)