18-26 July 2009: Winner of the third "ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award" organises the 8th UK National Whale and Dolphin Watch

A jury formed at the 16th Meeting of the Advisory Committee (Brugge, Belgium, 20-24 April 2009) decided on the winner of the 3rd ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award, which will be presented to the winner during the 6th Meeting of the Parties to ASCOBANS (16-18 September 2009, UN Campus, Bonn, Germany). The award was established to go to an individual or institution in recognition of the best cetacean conservation-related PR/educational initiative. It was with unanimous support that Dr Peter Evans, Research Director of the Sea Watch Foundation, was selected for the prize.

Previous winners were the Hel Marine Station in Poland (2005) and Petra Deimer and the Society for the Conservation of Marine Mammals (GSM) (2007) for their work highlighting the plight of the Baltic Harbour Porpoises which are near to extinction.

The UK National Whale and Dolphin Watch week, is one of many outreach events organised by Sea Watch. This annual activity gives members of the public the opportunity to join experienced observers around the coastline to collect sightings. In total, 28 species of dolphins, whales and porpoises have been recorded in UK & Irish waters. More information

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