20th Anniversary of ASCOBANS: Marine Wildlife Roadshow in Galway

From 22-25 March 2012 the Marine Wildlife Roadshow took place in Galway parallel to the ASCOBANS AC19 and ECS meetings. The Roadshow, which was kindly hosted by the Galway Shopping Centre, was brought to the city of Galway by ASCOBANS and was intended to raise awareness amongst the local citizens on the marine diversity of the region and the conservation challenges that the animals living in the coasts of Ireland face. The Roadshow featured life-size inflatable models of marine species including an impressive 15-metre sperm whale, a killer whale, bottlenose dolphins, porpoises and turtles amongst many others. More information and pictures can be accessed here.

This Roadshow can be booked for events throughout Europe. More information on the special ASCOBANS Anniversary Offer can be accessed here.

Last updated on 25 March 2014