23-24 February 2010: 6th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group, Hel Marine Station, Poland

14 January 2010 - The ASCOBANS Jastarnia Working Group was established to take forward the implementation of the Recovery Plan for the Baltic Harbour Porpoise (also called Jastarnia Plan) will meet for the sixth time on 23 and 24 February 2010. At the kind invitation of Poland, the participating experts from the environment and fisheries sectors from around the Baltic Sea, will meet at the Hel Marine Station near Gdansk.
A revised version of the Jastarnia Plan was adopted by the Parties to ASCOBANS at their 6th Meeting of Parties in September 2009. Originally finalised in 2002, the Jastarnia Plan was developed in reaction to the critical conservation status of the only cetacean species native to the Baltic Sea, which despite strict protection on all political levels still experiences higher human-induced mortality than the small population can sustain.
Participants are requested to register by 12 February 2010. More information can be requested from the ASCOBANS Secretariat.

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