Call for Applications - Internship Programme 2010 UNEP/CMS Family (CMS, AEWA, EUROBATS and ASCOBANS)

Bonn, 22 October 2009 - The UNEP/CMS Secretariat would like to announce that the Internship Programme for 2010 has been advertised and is ready to receive applications for the selection process. The application deadline will be 30.11.09, the final decision regarding the selection on 15.12.09 at the latest. We encourage students with an academic background in environmental science, biology, law, political science, geography, agriculture and media or similar studies to send the relevant documents (CV, completed questionnaire and application letter) to the UNEP/CMS Secretariat, which coordinates all applications for CMS, AEWA, EUROBATS and ASCOBANS. Please refer to the following website for more detailed information:
Please disseminate this information to possible candidates. We have benefited from important contributions by interns in the past and are looking forward to continuing with a well-structured and internationally orientated internship programme for 2010. We aim to achieve a balanced regional representation in the internship programme; therefore applications from all over the world are encouraged. For any questions please contact the coordinator for the UNEP/CMS Family Internship Programme, Mr Henning Lilge, by e-mail ( or phone (+49 228 815 2437).

Last updated on 25 March 2014

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