Call for Expressions of Interest: Coordination of the Species Action Plan for North-East Atlantic Common Dolphin

Bonn, 27 June 2022 - The ASCOBANS Secretariat is welcoming Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified organizations or individuals to provide coordination of the ASCOBANS Species Action Plan for North-East Atlantic Common Dolphin (or the "Common Dolphin SAP").

The short-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis; hereafter referred to as the common dolphin) plays a key functional role within the ecosystem as a top predator. Its population in the North-East (NE) Atlantic is facing ever-increasing anthropogenic pressures, the most significant of which is bycatch. Also of importance are chemical pollution and noise disturbance. In 2015, the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee noted the need for monitoring the North-East Atlantic Common Dolphin population. In 2016, Parties to ASCOBANS adopted Resolution 8.4 Conservation of Common Dolphins, requesting the Steering Group to develop a comprehensive conservation plan for the Common Dolphin in the eastern North Atlantic with the aim of restoring the population to a favourable conservation status.

The Common Dolphin SAP is a result of a collaborative effort organised under the auspices of ASCOBANS. A draft Common Dolphin SAP was first presented at the 24th Meeting of the Advisory Committee in 2018, and it was adopted by ASCOBANS Parties intersessionally in 2019. Since then, its Steering Group has met twice. The relevant resolution was amended at the 9th Meeting of the Signatories in 2020 (Res.8.4. (Rev.MOP9)).

Building on the work already undertaken, and under the supervision of the Secretariat, the individual or organisation providing technical coordination should undertake the following tasks:

  1. Coordinate efforts among Parties and stakeholders to deliver the SAP, identifying synergies and opportunities for efficiency savings
  2. Provide technical support on behalf of ASCOBANS to expert meetings
  3. Upon request of the ASCOBANS Secretariat, produce relevant reviews and reports and provide technical support to meetings and attend these, if required
  4. Provide advice on appropriate funding mechanisms for the long-term implementation of the SAP and support fundraising efforts.

For further details, please refer to > Calls for tender.

Closing date for EOIs is 29 July 2022.  


Last updated on 27 June 2022

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