4 March 2008: Year of the Dolphin News - Dolphin Manual Published in Portuguese

At a meeting today at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany, the plans for the Year of the Dolphin campaign in 2008 were discussed by representatives of CMS, ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS, WDCS and TUI.

04 March 2008

25-27 February 2008: 4th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group, Kolmården, Sweden

At the end of February 2008, the Jastarnia Group, a group of experts from the environment and fisheries sectors of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, will meet for the fourth time to discuss

24 February 2008

3 February 2008: Extension of ASCOBANS Agreement Area Comes Into Force

We have good news and certainly reason to celebrate! The extension of the ASCOBANS Agreement Area, agreed on by Parties at MoP4 in 2003, will enter into force on 3 February 2008.

03 February 2008