25 Years ASCOBANS: The Secretariat’s History

The ASCOBANS Secretariat acts as the coordinating body of the Agreement. It evolved from humble beginnings in Cambridge, UK, has moved location a number of times and is today located in Bonn, Germany.

10 March 2017

People behind ASCOBANS: Karl-Hermann Kock

Name: Karl-Hermann Kock
Organization: Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries
Country: Germany
Involved with ASCOBANS since: 1996

28 February 2017

25 Years ASCOBANS: The Outreach and Education Award

Raising awareness and engaging the public is an important aspect of nature conservation. People protect what they care about, and to care, some knowledge is necessary. People power also drives action by governments and the private sector. It is the same for ASCOBANS. Institutions and people throughout the Agreement Area play an important role in spreading the word about threats and dangers to marine mammals, and ways in which each person can help.

22 February 2017

People behind ASCOBANS: Monika Lesz

Name: Monika Lesz
Organization: Ministry of Environment, Department for the Nature Conservation
Country: Poland
Involved with ASCOBANS since: 2008

21 February 2017

People behind ASCOBANS: Penina Blankett

Name: Penina Blankett
Organization: Ministry of the Environment
Country: Finland
Involved with ASCOBANS since: 1999

14 February 2017

25 Years ASCOBANS: Disentangling the Bycatch Problem

A recent report on the health of the ocean found that worldwide the marine vertebrate population declined by 49 per cent between 1970 and 2012 (see WWF/ZSL Living Blue Planet Report 2015). Globally, an estimated 300,000 small whales, dolphins and porpoises die each year from entanglement in fishing gear. Also in Europe, incidental catch is seen as the greatest threat to small cetaceans. However, the situation is much more complex than one might think.

07 February 2017

People behind ASCOBANS: Christina Lockyer

Name: Christina Helen Lockyer
Organization: Age Dynamics
Country: Denmark / Norway
Involved with ASCOBANS since: 1990

06 February 2017

People behind ASCOBANS: Katarzyna Kamińska

Name: Katarzyna Kamińska
Organization: Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways
Country: Poland
Involved with ASCOBANS since: 2009

01 February 2017

25 Years ASCOBANS: Saving the Harbour Porpoise in the Baltic Sea

From the early days of the Agreement, one population caused scientists, conservationists and governments special concern: the Baltic Harbour Porpoise.

The preamble to the Agreement text negotiated in the early 1990s already makes it clear: “Aware that the population of harbour porpoises of the Baltic Sea has drastically decreased,” and “Concerned about the status of small cetaceans in the Baltic and North Seas”. We have thus known for a long time that harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea are in trouble. Twenty-five years later the problem is not solved yet. But we have come a long way. And the porpoises are still around!

27 January 2017

25 Years ASCOBANS: The Birth of the Agreement

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the opening for signature of the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic and North Seas (ASCOBANS) in New York on 17 March 1992.
Over the past 25 years, ASCOBANS has provided the framework for international cooperation for the protection of small cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises – in northern and western European waters. But getting the Agreement ready took quite some effort.

20 January 2017