Art is always a great way to spark the curiosity of the public.In the past models and sculptures as exhibits have helped raise awareness for the conservation of the Baltic harbour porpoise.

The majority of people have never seen a harbour porpoise in real life and for many this small whale may be rather abstract. Life-size sculptures and models offer a possibility to visualize a harbour porpoise, experience its proportions and colours and feel more in-touch with our marine friends. For this purpose, models from museums, research institutes and even art exhibitions have been used by organisers of the IDBHP activities in the past.

For Example:

Visitors of the Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn enjoyed the opportunity to view the artwork of Jörg Mazur and at the same time to learn about the harbour porpoise by reading the ASCOBANS exhibition displayed in the same room.

The IDBHP informational stand, repeatedly organised near the harbour porpoise statue on Kościuszki Square in Poland, has attracted many locals and visitors of all ages. Setting up exhibitions and information stands near existing sculptures creates a good linkage between the two.



A composition of 45 cetaceans by Jörg Mazur at the Zoological Museum Koenig in Bonn, Germany 2004

The Statue of the harbour porpoise in, Kościuszki Square, Poland