Coordination of the ASCOBANS Harbour Porpoise Action Plans

The goal of this project is to support the implementation of the three above-mentioned ASCOBANS Harbour Porpoise Action Plans.

Technical coordination of the three above-mentioned ASCOBANS Action Plans on the Harbour Porpoise. Building on the work already undertaken, the organization providing coordination should, under the supervision of the UNEP/ASCOBANS Secretariat, deliver on the following:

  •  Coordinate efforts to deliver the action plans, identifying synergies and opportunities for efficiency savings.
  • Review progress under the North Sea, Jastarnia and WBBK Plans and make proposals for amending the Action Points in advance of the meetings of the Groups.
  • Review latest available information on Harbour Porpoise bycatch from the fleets operating in the North, Belt and Baltic Seas.
  • Collate regional information on life history parameters (e.g. age structure, age at sexual maturity, reproductive information) for Harbour Porpoises in the areas covered by the three plans, ensuring synergies with other fora.
  • Provide technical support at the ICES WGBYC annual meetings and other relevant fora (e.g. the North Sea Advisory Council, Baltic Sea Advisory Council, HELCOM, OSPAR).
  • Provide technical support at meetings of the Regional Coordination Group which will develop the regional implementation of the Data Collection Framework (DCF), assuming this is practically feasible.
  • Provide advice on appropriate funding mechanisms for the long-term implementation of the three action plans and support fundraising efforts.




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Implementing AgencySea Watch Foundation/Peter Evans- Coalition Clean Baltic/Ida Carlén

Activity start dateJanuary 2018
Taxonomic groupMarine mammals
Target regionEurope
Final technical reportNo

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