7th Meeting of the Parties

The location on the map is approximate!
22 Oct 2012 to 24 Oct 2012
CountryUnited Kingdom
VenueHilton Brighton Metropole Hotel

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MOP7/Doc.1-01 (S) Draft Rules of Procedure for the Meeting of the Parties to ASCOBANS
MOP7/Doc.1-02 (S) rev.2 Provisional Agenda
MOP7/Doc.1-03 (S) Provisional Annotated Agenda
MOP7/Doc.1-04 (S) rev.1 List of Documents
MOP7/Doc.2-02 (O) rev.1 Opening Statements: Observers
MOP7/Doc.4-01 (S) Status of Accessions and Ratification
MOP7/Doc.5-01 (AC) Evaluation of the Implementation of the ASCOBANS Work Plan 2010-2012 and the Work of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
MOP7/Doc.5-02 (S) rev.1 Triennial Report of the ASCOBANS Secretariat 2010-2012
MOP7/Doc.5-03 (S) Compilation of Annual National Reports for 2009, 2010 and 2011
MOP7/Doc.5-04 (O) Report of the Scientific Committee of the IWC 2012
MOP7/Doc.6-01 (S) Outcome of the Future Shape of CMS Process
MOP7/Doc.7-01 (AC) Draft Resolution: Conservation of Harbour Porpoises and Adoption of a Conservation Plan for the Western Baltic
MOP7/Doc.7-02 (AC) Draft Resolution: Activities of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee and Work Plan for the [Triennium 2013- 2015][Quadrennium 2013-2016]
MOP7/Doc.7-03 (P) Draft Resolution: Research and Conservation Actions in the Extended Agreement Area
MOP7/Doc.7-04 (P) Draft Resolution: Impacts of Chemical Pollution on Small Cetaceans
MOP7/Doc.7-05 (S) Online Tools
MOP7/Doc.8-01 (S) Evaluation of the Merger of the ASCOBANS Secretariat with the CMS Secretariat
MOP7/Doc.8-02 (S) restricted Report of the Secretariat on Financial and Administrative Matters 2010-2012
MOP7/Doc.8-03 (S) restricted Draft Resolution: Management of Expenditures between 2009 and 2011
MOP7/Doc.8-04 (S) Draft Resolution: Financial, Budgetary and Administrative Matters 2013-[15][16]
MOP7/Doc.8-05 (S) Budget Proposals 2013-2015 or 2013-2016
MOP7/Doc.8-06 (S) Legal Implications of Reviewing the MOP Intervals