First Newsletter of the SAMBAH Project

17 September 2010 - SAMBAH (Static Acoustic Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise) is an international LIFE+ funded project involving all EU countries around the Baltic Sea, with the ultimate goal of securing the conservation of the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise. The lack of knowledge on the number of animals and their habitat preferences makes effective conservation difficult. Therefore there is an urgent need for collecting data on the size and range of the population and the fluctuation over time. SAMBAH seeks to address this. The project thus which serves to fulfil recommendations made in the Jastarnia Plan (Recovery Plan for Baltic Harbour Porpoises).

The ASCOBANS Secretariat is providing in-kind and, with the help of a voluntary contribution from Germany, financial support to SAMBAH with respect to the production of outreach material necessary for the project.

Last updated on 25 March 2014

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