About InforMEA: The Online Home of MEAs

InforMEA or interconnectedness: We live in a world under pressure, facing threats to its environment and its species, which requires the international community to share action and knowledge to better preserve it. This is the objective of all legally binding treaties and agreements (known as MEAs - Multilateral Environmental Agreements) that have been created over the past 50 years - more and more agreements with different objectives and scopes but often overlapping effects.

To ensure that stakeholders have the best possible access to information, an intelligent tool was required: InforMEA is an online platform that provides a bird’s-eye view of all major environmental treaties and how they relate to countries and regions in the world.  It offers rapid retrieval of information, and a powerful research capability. Decision-makers can use this database to explore best practices and design their countries policies in line with global environmental legislation. It is also accessible to everyone involved in the environmental community – governments, intergovernmental organizations, the civil society or the private sector can benefit from this new platform. One of the many functionalities of InforMEA is e-learning - online courses for which participants receive certificates.

InforMEA is the first project established by the MEA Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Initiative, which is facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme. The Initiative brings together MEAs to develop harmonized and inter-operable information systems for the benefit of Parties and the environment community at large. CMS and AEWA have been actively contributing to this Initiative from the beginning. InforMEA harvests COP decisions and resolutions, news, events, MEA membership, national focal points, national reports and implementation plans from MEA secretariats and organizes this information around a set of agreed terms. It organizes the world’s environmental law for those who need it and helps the world steer and implement global environmental policy.

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