In Memoriam - Patricia Stadié

The ASCOBANS Secretariat is saddened to have received the news that its long-standing former Administrative Assistant, Patricia Stadié, passed away on 11 September 2020, at the age of 70.

Patricia worked at the ASCOBANS Secretariat from 1998 to 2007.  She assisted two Executive Secretaries during her term and contributed to making the administrative changes of integrating the ASCOBANS Secretariat into UNEP and then merging with the CMS Secretariat as smooth as possible. 

Patricia was a well-liked colleague, a highly efficient and committed assistant and a dedicated international civil servant who deeply believed in the principles and ideals of the United Nations.  She was also endowed with creativity and a lively sense of humor.  All of these characteristics are reflected in the following excerpt from a contribution of hers to a recent ASCOBANS commemorative volume:

“The routine, if one may call it that, of the ASCOBANS Secretariat was routinely interrupted by the Meetings.  The word is so innocuous, suggestive of cups of tea, laughter and chatter in a sunny room. Alas, ‘Meetings’ are the monsters that punctuate the years in many UN offices, and my life certainly revolved around those at ASCOBANS. […] Yes, we had some adventures, plenty of laughs and sometimes a few tears. […] ASCOBANS meetings were certainly very special, but can I claim to have enjoyed them? Yes! And what was my favourite agenda item? ‘Close of Meeting’!”[1]

Patricia was something of an ASCOBANS institution and the ASCOBANS family will miss her.  The thoughts of the Secretariat are with Pat’s family and friends.


[1] Excerpt from a contribution included in book European Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (2020) by Peter G.H. Evans.

Last updated on 05 October 2020

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