9th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
10 Jun 2002 to 12 Jun 2001

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Number Title Files
AC9/Doc.1 Provisional Draft Agenda
AC9/Doc.2 Draft Annotated Agenda
AC9/Doc.4 rev.1 List of Documents by Agenda Item
AC9/Doc.5 Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC9/Doc.6 rev.1 Provisional List of Participants
AC9/DDoc.7 Draft Recovery Plan for Baltic Harbour Porpoises(Jastarnia Plan)
AC9/Doc.8 Mitigation of small cetaceans bycatch; evaluation of acoustic alarms (MISNET)
AC9/Doc.9 Preliminary Information on Seismic Activities
AC9/Doc.10 Testing TPods, a new automated cetacean echo-location clicklogger with click timing, for its applicability
AC9/Doc.11 Rettung für die Schweinswale Elements of a harbour porpoise bycatch reduction plan in the North and Baltic Sea
AC9/Docs.12a_12b Fifth International Conference on the Protection of the North Sea,20 - 21 March 2002, Bergen, Norway
AC9/Doc.13 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2002/2003
AC9/Docs.14a, 14b & 14c CBD/CMS Joint Work Programme
AC9/Doc.15 Excerpt from 2002 Report of IWC Sub-Committeeon Small Cetaceans
AC9/Doc.16 Information submitted by Parties and Range States in response to post-mortem research questionnaire
AC9/Doc.17 High-Speed Ferries. Secretariat's Update
AC9/Doc.18 rev.1 Fisheries Statistics - Data Submitted by Parties
AC9/Doc.19 Review of seismic disturbance and recommendations Data submitted by Parties
AC9/Doc.20 Small cetacean abundance in the North Sea and adjacent waters: Progress with SCANS-II
AC9/Doc.21 Minutes of Workshop on GROMS, Bonn, 6 May 2002
AC9/Doc.22 Letter from the Executive Secretary of CMS regardingHeadquarters Agreement for CMS and Agreement Secretariats
AC9/Docs.23 Outline of Budget for 2001
AC9/Doc.24 Progress report from UK by JNCC on the implementation of Resolution 4 to develop a monitoring system that will enable adaptive management of seismic survey activities
AC9/Docs.25 Communication from the European Commission setting out a Community Action Plan to integrate environmental protectionrequirements into the Common Fisheries Policy
AC9/Doc.26 International Implementation Priorities for 2002 - 2006 for ACCOBAMS
AC9/Doc.27 Educational Programs in the Lithuanian Sea Museum
AC9/Doc.28 Information on ACCOBAMS Training Kit and Swiss Cetacean Society
AC9/Doc.29 Norwegian Dolphin Research
AC9/Doc.33 High-Speed Ferries: Secretariat's Update