19th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
20 Mar 2012 to 22 Mar 2012
VenueGalway Bay Hotel

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AC19/Doc.1-01 rev.2 Rules of Procedure of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC19/Doc.1-03 rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda
AC19/Doc.1-04 rev.1 List of Documents
AC19/Doc.2-01 Annual National Report Belgium
AC19/Doc.2-02 Annual National Report Denmark
AC19/Doc.2-03 Annual National Report Finland
AC19/Doc.2-04 Annual National Report France
AC19/Doc.2-05 Annual National Report Germany
AC19/Doc.2-07 Annual National Report The Netherlands
AC19/Doc.2-08 Annual National Report Poland
AC19/Doc.2-10 Annual National Report United Kingdom
AC19/Doc.3-01 Status of Accession and Acceptance of the Agreement’s Amendment
AC19/Doc.4-01 ASCOBANS Triennium Work Plan 2010-2012 – Progress and Further Actions
AC19/Doc.4-02 Action Points of the 8th Meeting of theASCOBANS Jastarnia Group
AC19/Doc.4-02 Addendum Report of the 8th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Group
AC19/Doc.4-03 Draft Conservation Plan for the Harbour Porpoise Population in the Western Baltic, the Belt Sea and the Kattegat
AC19/Doc.4-04 Report of the 1st Meeting of the Steering Group for the Conservation Plan for the Harbour Porpoise in the North Sea
AC19/Doc.4-05 Report of the North Sea Coordinator
AC19/Doc.4-06 Report of the Bycatch Working Group (AC19)
AC19/Doc.4-07 Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the implementation of certain provisions of Council Regulation (EC) No 812/2004 laying down measures concerning incidental catches of cetaceans in fisheries…
AC19/Doc.4-08 Report of the Noise Working Group (2012)
AC19/Doc.4-09 Report of the Secretariat on Outreach and Education Activities
AC19/Doc.4-10 Underwater Noise Pollution From Munitions Clearance and Disposal, Possible Effects on Marine Vertebrates, and Its Mitigation
AC19/Doc.4-11 ICES 2010: Report of the Study Group on Bycatch of Protected Species
AC19/Doc.4-12 ICES Advice 2010:EC request on cetace
AC19/Doc.4-13 ICES 2011:Report of the Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species
AC19/Doc.4-14 Draft Letter to the ASCOBANS and ACCOBAMS Noise Working Groups
AC19/Doc.4-15 Report of the Joint NAMMCO-ICES Workshop on By-Catch Monitoring
AC19/Doc.4-16 CBD Scientific Synthesis on the Impacts of Underwater Noise on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity and Habitats
AC19/Doc.4-17 Strategies for the Prevention of Bycatch of Seabirds and Marine Mammals in Baltic Sea Fisheries
AC19/Doc.4-18 Is limiting gillnet drop a management perspective for the protection of cetaceans in SACs?
AC19/Doc.4-19 Scope and aims of the symposium “Towards an Environmentally Sound Offshore Wind Energy Deployment”, held in Stralsund, Germany
AC19/Doc.5-01 Pilot Whale Hunt in the Faroe Islands
AC19/Doc.5-02 A final report on the presence and distribution of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from visual and acoustic survey in French and British waters of the English Channel in May and June 2011
AC19/Doc.5-03 rev.1 A preliminary report on the presence and distribution of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from visual and acoustic surveys over the Dogger Bank and surrounding waters, Southern North Sea in November 2011
AC19/Doc.5-04 Ecological Effects of Ghost Net Retrieval in the Baltic Sea Pilot project: collecting ghost nets
AC19/Doc.5-05 rev.1 Cetaceans and Marine Debris
AC19/Doc.5-06 ICES 2010:Report of the Working Group on Marine Mammal Ecology
AC19/Doc.5-07 ICES 2011:Report of the Working Group on Marine Mammal Ecology
AC19/Doc.5-08 Survey for small cetaceans over the Dogger Bank and adjacent areas in summer 2011
AC19/Doc.5-09 Intersessional Working Group on Research and Conservation Actions Undertaken in the Extended Agreement Area
AC19/Doc.5-10 Marine Protected Areas
AC19/Doc.6-01 rev.1 Progress of Projects Supported through ASCOBANS
AC19/Doc.6-02 Project Proposals Received for Future Funding
AC19/Doc.6-03 Project Report:Inventories of harbour porpoise Phocaena phocaena phocaena presence in Russian territorial watersof the Baltic Sea
AC19/Doc.6-04 Project Report:Effects of contaminants on reproduction in small cetaceans,Phase II
AC19/Doc.6-05 Project Report:Interest and feasibility of a web accessed database for marine mammal strandings and necropsy data in the ASCOBANS region
AC19/Doc.6-06 Preliminary Project Report:Understanding harbour porpoise (Phocoena Phocoena) and fishery interactions in the north-west Iberian Peninsula
AC19/Doc.6-07 Tursiops SEAS Project Proposal Progress
AC19/Doc.7-01 Reports of Representation of ASCOBANS at Meetings
AC19/Doc.7-02 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2012/2013
AC19/Doc.7-03 North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO):Statement to the 19th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC19/Doc.7-04 CMS Resolution 10.4 on Marine Debris
AC19/Doc.7-05 CMS Resolution 10.14 on Bycatch of CMS-Listed Species in Gillnet Fisheries
AC19/Doc.7-06 CMS Resolution 10.15 on the Global Programme of Work for Cetaceans
AC19/Doc.7-07 CMS Resolution 10.24 on Further Steps to Abate Underwater Noise Pollution for the Protection of Cetaceans and Other Migratory Species
AC19/Doc.7-08 HELCOM Project on Managing Fisheries in Baltic Marine Protected Areas (BALTFIMPA)
AC19/Doc.7-09 Draft Terms of Reference for the Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Working Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)
AC19/Doc.8-01 Draft Resolution: Activities of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee and Work Plan for the Triennium 2013-2015
AC19/Doc.13-01 Report on Administrative Issues 2011/2012
AC19/Doc.13-02 CMS COP10 Document:The Merger of the CMS and ASCOBANS Secretariat Functions
AC19/Doc.13-03 restricted Report on Budgetary Issues 2011
AC19/Doc.14-01 restricted Draft Resolution: Management of Expenditures between 2009 and 2011
AC19/Doc.14-03 restricted Budget Proposals 2013-2015 or 2013-2016
AC19/Doc.14-04 Draft Rules of Procedure for the Meeting of the Parties to ASCOBANS