6th Meeting of the Parties

The location on the map is approximate!
16 Sep 2009 to 18 Sep 2009
VenueUN Campus

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Number Title Files
MOP6/Doc.1-01 Provisional Agenda
MOP6/Doc.1-02 Provisional Annotated Agenda
MOP6/Doc.1-03 List of Documents
MOP6/Doc.1-04 Rules of Procedure for the Meeting of Parties to ASCOBANS
MOP6/Doc.3-01 Terms of Reference for ASCOBANS Awards
MOP6/Doc.3-02 Nomination for ASCOBANS Lifetime Award
MOP6/Doc.4-01 Status of Accessions and Ratification
MOP6/Doc.5-01 Evaluation of the Implementation of the ASCOBANS Work Plan 2007-2009 and the Work of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
MOP6/Doc.5-02 Triennial Report of the ASCOBANS Secretariat 2007-2009
MOP6/Doc.5-03 Compilations of Annual National Reports for 2006, 2007, 2008
MOP6/Doc.5-04 Proposal for Inclusion of Large Cetaceans in ASCOBANS: Perceived Advantages and Disadvantages
MOP6/Doc.5-05 Report on the Results of the Year of the Dolphin 2007/2008
MOP6/Doc.5-06 Proceedings of the ASCOBANS/ECS Workshop on Offshore Wind Farms and Marine Mammals
MOP6/Doc.5-07 Proceedings of the ECS/ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS Workshop on Selection Criteria for Marine Protected Areas for Cetaceans
MOP6/Doc.5-08 (S) Report of the ASCOBANS/HELCOM Small Cetacean Population Structure Workshops
MOP6/Doc.5-09 (AC) Cetacean incidental catches in Fisheries
MOP6/Doc.5-10 (S) Report of the ASCOBANS Intersessional Working Group on the Assessment of Acoustic Disturbance
MOP6/Doc.5-11 (O) The harbour porpoise in the southern North Sea: Abundance, threats, and research & management proposals
MOP6/Doc.6-01 (AC) Strategy Paper on the Options for Future Arrangements for ASCOBANS
MOP6/Doc.7-01 (AC) Recovery Plan for Baltic Harbour Porpoises - Jastarnia Plan (Revision)
MOP6/Doc.7-02 (AC) ASCOBANS Conservation Plan for Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena L.) in the North Sea
MOP6/Doc.7-03 (AC) Draft Revised Format for Annual National Reports
MOP6/Doc.7-04 (P) Draft Resolution on Adverse Effects of Underwater Noise on Marine Mammals during Offshore Construction Activities for Renewable Energy Production
MOP6/Doc.7-05 (AC) Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) Plan for ASCOBANS
MOP6/Doc.7-06 (AC) Draft Triennial Work Plan (2010-2012) - Tasks for the Secretariat / Advisory Committee
MOP6/Doc.7-07 (AC) Draft Resolution on Activities of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee and Work Plan for the Triennium 2010-2012
MOP6/Doc.7-08 (AC) Draft Resolution on the Adoption and Implementation of the Jastarnia and North Sea Plans
MOP6/Doc.8-01 (UNEP) Management Study of the “New Arrangements for the ASCOBANS Secretariat (2007-2009)” – Final Report
MOP6/Doc.8-02 (S) Report of the Secretariat on Finance and Administrative Issues 2007-2009
MOP6/Doc.8-03 (S) Draft Resolution on Management of Expenditures between 2005 and 2008
MOP6/Doc.8-04 (S) Draft Resolution on Financial, Budgetary and Administrative Matters 2010-2012
MOP6/Doc.8-05 (S) rev.1 Budget Proposals 2010-2012