14-16 February 2011: 7th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group, Copenhagen, Denmark

22 November 2010 - Upon the kind invitation of Denmark, the 7th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Working Group will take place in Copenhagen from 14-16 February 2011.
The Jastarnia Group was established to take forward the implementation of the Recovery Plan for the Baltic Harbour Porpoise (also called Jastarnia Plan) and includes experts from the environment and fisheries sectors from around the Baltic Sea. Despite international recognition of the need for strict protection of the Baltic sub-population of the harbour porpoise, which is classified as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List, and the long-standing efforts on its behalf under ASCOBANS, its conservation status still gives reason for grave concern. The Jastarnia Group reviews annually new developments and research and makes recommendations to the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee.
Participants are requested to register by 14 January 2011. More information can be requested from the ASCOBANS Secretariat.

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