16th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

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20 Apr 2009 to 24 Apr 2009

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Number Title Files
AC16/Doc.01 Provisional Agenda
AC16/Doc.02 Provisional Annotated Agenda
AC16/Doc.03 rev.1 List of Documents
AC16/Doc.04 rev.1 List of Documents by Agenda Item
AC16/Doc.05 Rules of Procedure of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC16/Doc.06 Report on Administrative Issues 2008
AC16/Doc.07 restricted Report on Budgetary Issues 2008
AC16/Doc.08 restricted Outline of Budget for 2009
AC16/Doc.09 restricted Draft Resolution on Expenditures2005-07
AC16/Doc.10 Draft Resolution on Financial,Budgetary and Administrative Matters 2010-12
AC16/Doc.11 Draft Resolution on Future Structure of ASCOBANS Advisory Bodies
AC16/Doc.12 restricted Budget Proposal 2010-12
AC16/Doc.14 Management Review of Environmental Governance within the United Nations System
AC16/Doc.15 restricted Management Study of the “New Arrangements for the ASCOBANS Secretariat (2007-2009)” – Final Report
AC16/Doc.16 restricted Comments of the Secretariat on the Draft Evaluation Report (AC16/Doc.15)
AC16/Doc.17 restricted Identification of Options for Future Arrangements for the Secretariat of ASCOBANS
AC16/Doc.18 Draft Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Group
AC16/Doc.19 Report of the 5th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group
AC16/Doc.20 Draft ASCOBANS Recovery Plan forthe Baltic Harbour Porpoise
AC16/Doc.21 Draft ASCOBANS Conservation Plan for Harbour Porpoises in the North Sea
AC16/Doc.22 rev.1 Report of the Secretariat on Publicityand Outreach Activities
AC16/Doc.23 Draft Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) Plan for ASCOBANS
AC16/Doc.24 rev.1 ASCOBANS Triennium Work Plan 2007-2009 – Progress
AC16/Doc.25 Draft Revised Format for the Annual National Reports
AC16/Doc.26 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2009/2010
AC16/Doc.27 Reports of Representation of ASCOBANS at Meetings
AC16/Doc.28 Options for future arrangements for ASCOBANS
AC16/Doc.29 rev.1 Report of ASCOBANS/HELCOM Small Cetacean Population Structure Workshop
AC16/Doc.30 rev.1 Draft Triennial Work Plan (2010-2012) –Tasks for the Secretariat
AC16/Doc.31 Whales, porpoises and dolphins –order Cetacea
AC16/Doc.32 rev.1 Reports received from the United Kingdom a) Seismic Survey Report b) Annual National Report c) Stranding Questionnaire
AC16/Doc.33 Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena abundance in the southwestern Baltic Sea
AC16/Doc.34 Favourable Conservation Status of Bottlenose Dolphins
AC16/Doc.35 Reports received from Denmark a) Annual National Report b) Stranding Questionnaire
AC16/Doc.36 Implications for ASCOBANS of Enlarging the Agreement Area and Including All Cetaceans
AC16/Doc.37 The Interaction between the ASCOBANS MOP and the IWC,NAMMCO and EC
AC16/Doc.38 The Implications of Extending the Scope of ASCOBANS to all Cetaceans– Legal Aspects
AC16/Doc.39 ECS Resolution on the Need to Regulate Sonar Mitigation
AC16/Doc.40 High density areas for harbour
AC16/Doc.41 rev.1 Reports received from The Netherlands a) Stranding Questionnaire b) Annual National Report
AC16/Doc.42 rev.1 Marine Renewable Energy Development and Scotland’sCetaceans
AC16/Doc.43 Reports received from Belgium a) Annual National Report
AC16/Doc.44 The Belgian Marine Mammal Biobank:a tool to stimulate tissue exchange
AC16/Doc.45 CMS Res.9.13: Intersessional Process Regarding the Future Shape of CMS
AC16/Doc.46 CMS Res.9.19: Adverse Anthropogenic Marine/Ocean Noise Impacts on Cetaceans and Other Biota
AC16/Doc.47 Noise Pollution
AC16/Doc.48 rev.2 Reports received from Sweden a) Action Plan for Harbour Porpoise b) Annual National Report c) Stranding Questionnaire d) Fisheries Statistics
AC16/Doc.49 restricted Draft Summary Report of the Meeting of ASCOBANS’ Advisory Committee Working Group for the Review of the Merger of the Secretariats
AC16/Doc.50 Technical Report on Effective Mitigation for Active Sonar and Beaked Whales
AC16/Doc.51 Reports received from Finland a) Annual National Report
AC16/Doc.53 Pilot study of Electronic Monitoring (EM) system for fisheries control on smaller vessels
AC16/Doc.52 Reports received from Lithuania a) Annual National Report
AC16/Doc.54 Reports received from Germany a) Annual National Report b) Stranding Questionnaire
AC16/Doc.55 rev.2 Report on the symposium « Strategies for Monitoring Marine Mammal Populations »
AC16/Doc.56 Disappearing bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) – is there a link to chemical pollution?
AC16/Doc.57 Report on the activities of theIntersessional Working Group on theAssessment of Acoustic Disturbance
AC16/Doc.58 Potential Use of Joint Cetacean Protocol Data for Determining Changes in Species’ Range and Abundance
AC16/Doc.59 rev.1 Reports received from France a) Stranding Questionnaire b) Annual National Report
AC16/Doc.60 By-catch of harbour porpoises(Phocoena phocoena) in the Baltic coastal waters of Angeln and Schwansen (Schleswig-Holstein,Germany)
AC16/Doc.61 Spatio-temporal interactions between harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) and fisheries in the German Bight 2002-2006: Preliminary results
Document List of Projects for Funding (S) Projects for Funding
AC16/Doc.62 Stranding numbers and bycatch implications of harbour porpoises along the German Baltic Sea coast
AC16/Doc.63 The Fixed Fehmarnbelt Link: Potential Implications for Harbour Porpoises in the Baltic Sea
AC16/Doc.64 Reports received from Poland a) Annual National Report