1st Meeting of the Joint Bycatch Working Group of ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS


© Tilen Genov, Morigenos

© Tilen Genov, Morigenos

The Joint Bycatch Working Group (JBWG) of ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS was established in 2019.  The first meeting was originally planned for 2020, but due to the ongoing pandemic it was postponed, and will now be held online from 10 to 12 February 2021.  Terms of Reference of the working group can be found here.

Deadline for registrations via this online form is 1 February 2021.  Kindly note that the meeting link will only be sent to registered participants.

National and regional fisheries representatives and other interested stakeholders are welcome to attend as observers on Day 1 and Day 2. 

Meeting documents will be uploaded below as they become available.  Provisional schedule:

10 February 10:00-15:00 CET

 1.    Welcome

2.    Adoption of the Agenda

3.    Overview of the bycatch situation in the ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS Areas

4.    Review of relevant provisions related to bycatch and other relevant regional instruments 

5.    Review of approaches to bycatch monitoring and mitigation measures

  • Case studies in ACCOBAMS Area

11 February 10:00-16:00 CET

 5.    Review of approaches to bycatch monitoring and mitigation measures (continued)

  • Case studies in ACCOBAMS Area 
  • Case studies in ASCOBANS Area

6.    Summary of lessons learned and recommendations

12 February 10:00-14:00 CET (dedicated to the WG only)

7.    Programme of Work of the Joint Bycatch Working Group 2021-2022

8.    AOB

9.    Close of the meeting



10 Feb 2021 to 12 Feb 2021
Registration Deadline01/02/2021
OrganizerASCOBANS Secretariat
CoorganizerACCOBAMS Secretariat
TypeWorking Group
CityVirtual / Online

Download all files as .zip

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Number Title Files
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.3c The State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries -SoMFi 2020: Summary of Incidental Catches of Vulnerable Species
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.3d ICES Special Request: Advice regarding the Emergency Measures to Prevent Bycatch of Common Dolphin
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.3e ICES Special Request Advice regarding the Emergency Measures to prevent Bycatch of Harbour Porpoise in the Baltic Sea and the follow-up
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.4a ACCOBAMS Provisions related to Incidental Catch
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.4b ASCOBANS Provisions related to Bycatch
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.4c Cetacean Bycatches – CFP and Structural Support, Policy Development and Coordination
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.4d Relevant Provisions Related to Bycatch - General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM)
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.4e NEAFC Ecosystem Approach and Bycatch
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.1a Project iNOVPESCA Cetacean Interactions with Algarve (Southern Portugal) Coastal Fisheries and Mitigation Approaches
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.1b Understanding Mediterranean Multi-Taxa Bycatch of Vulnerable Species and Testing Mitigation: a Collaborative Approach/part1
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.1c Understanding Mediterranean Multi-Taxa Bycatch of Vulnerable Species and Testing Mitigation: a Collaborative Approach/part2
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.1h Support MSFD Implementation in the Black Sea through establishing a Regional Monitoring System of Cetaceans (D1) and Noise Monitoring (D11) for achieving GES
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.1i Monitoring of Cetaceans’ Bycatch and Testing Pingers as Mitigation Measure in Bulgarian Turbot Fishery in the Black Sea
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2a Bycatch Assessment Work through ICES and OSPAR Working Groups
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2b Cetacean Bycatch - Improving Understanding of Why It Happens and What It means.
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2c A Matter of Perspective: REM incidental Bycatch of HP in NL Commercial Bottom-Set Gillnet Fisheries 2012-2017
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2d Underwater Explosions and Underwater Noise as Possible Causes for Harbour Porpoises Bycatch
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2f OBSCAMe: A Scientific Program to Better Understand Marine Mammals Bycatch in the Bay of Biscay Gillnetters Fisheries, Remote Electronic Device as a Tool
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2g Cost-Benefit Analysis for Mitigation Measures in Fisheries with High Bycatch
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2i Bycatch Studies in the Swedish Baltic
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2k Welfare Considerations in Cetacean Bycatch
ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS/JBWG1/Pres.5.2l Proposal for an International Bycatch Project 2021