18th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!
04 May 2011 to 06 May 2011
VenueUN Campus

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Number Title Files
AC18/Doc.1-01 Rules of Procedure of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC18/Doc.1-02 Provisional Agenda
AC18/Doc.1-03 Provisional Annotated Agenda
AC18/Doc.1-04 rev.1 List of Documents
AC18/Doc.2-01 Annual National Report Belgium
AC18/Doc.2-02 Annual National Report Denmark
AC18/Doc.2-03 Annual National Report Finland
AC18/Doc.2-04 rev.1 Annual National Report France
AC18/Doc.2-05 Annual National Report Germany
AC18/Doc.2-06 Annual National Report Lithuania
AC18/Doc.2-07 Annual National Report Netherlands
AC18/Doc.2-08 Annual National ReportPoland
AC18/Doc.2-09 rev.1 Annual National Report Sweden
AC18/Doc.2-10 Annual National ReportUnited Kingdom
AC18/Doc.4-01 ASCOBANS Triennium Work Plan 2010-2012 – Progress and Further Actions
AC18/Doc.4-02 Report of the 7th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Jastarnia Group
AC18/Doc.4-03 Draft Terms of Reference for an ASCOBANS Baltic Sea Coordinator
AC18/Doc.4-05 Report of the North Sea Group
AC18/Doc.4-06 Report of the North Sea Coordinators
AC18/Doc.4-07 Report of the Bycatch Working Group (AC18)
AC18/Doc.4-08 rev.1 Report of the Noise Working Group (2011)
AC18/Doc.4-09 Report of the Secretariat on Publicity and Outreach Activities
AC18/Doc.4-10 Information on Seismic Activities carried out by the United Kingdom in 2010
AC18/Doc.5-01 Towards Marine Protected Areas for Cetaceans in Scotland, England and Wales
AC18/Doc.5-02 The use of ecological tracers for discriminating dolphin population structure: the case of the short-beaked common dolphin Delphinus delphis in European Atlantic waters
AC18/Doc.5-03 Report of the ECS/ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS Workshop on Chemical Pollution and Marine Mammals
AC18/Doc.5-04 rev.1 Large Cetaceans in the ASCOBANS Agreement Area
AC18/Doc.5-05 Proposed ECS/ASCOBANS Workshop on Implementation of the cetacean component of the Habitats Directive in EU Member States
AC18/Doc.5-06 Information Request to the FaroeIslands and Response Received
AC18/Doc.5-07 Governing Marine Protected Areas:Getting the Balance Right
AC18/Doc.5-08 Report of the Joint IWC-ACCOBAMS Workshop on Reducing Risk of Collisions Between Vessels and Cetaceans
AC18/Doc.6-01 Progress of Projects Supported through ASCOBANS
AC18/Doc.6-02 Project Proposals Received for Future Funding
AC18/Doc.6-03 Project Report: Historic and present harbour porpoise populations in the Baltic region – geometric morphometrics analysis
AC18/Doc.6-05 rev.1 Project Report: Review of Trend Analyses in the ASCOBANS Area
AC18/Doc.6-06 Tursiops SEAS Project Proposal Progress
AC18/Doc.7-01 Reports of Representation of ASCOBANS at Meetings
AC18/Doc.7-02 rev.1 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2011/2012
AC18/Doc.7-03 Extension of the ACCOBAMS Agreement Area
AC18/Doc.7-04 Proposal for a Joint ACCOBAMS / ASCOBANS Working Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
AC18/Doc.7-05 Directive 2008/56/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17June 2008 establishing a frameworkfor community action in the field of marine environmental policy (Marine Strategy Framework Directive)
AC18/Doc.7-06 Commission Decision of 1 September 2010 on criteria and methodological standards on good environmental status of marine waters
AC18/Doc.7-07 Ecosystem Health of the Baltic Sea –HELCOM Initial Holistic Assessment
AC18/Doc.8-01 Suggestions for returning “Morgan” the orca (killer whale) to a natural life in the ocean
AC18/Doc.8-02 Why orca Morgan cannot be set free
AC18/Doc.13-01 restricted Report on Administrative Issues 2010/2011
AC18/Doc.13-02 restricted Report on Budgetary Issues 2010
AC18/Doc.15-01 restricted Preliminary Evaluation of the ASCOBANS Secretariat Arrangements