25th Meeting of the Advisory Committee


Stralsund ©  Klugschnacker [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Germany is kindly hosting the 25th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee (AC25) in Stralsund. 

For the meeting Parties are requested to report on the following pressures and threats (as per ASCOBANS Resolution 8.1):

  • Cetacean watching industry
  • Recreational sea use
  • Pollution
  • Ship strikes
  • Climate change
  • Physical habitat change
  • Marine Protected Areas


Online registration

Please register for the meeting here by 17 August 2019.  Kindly refer to the Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee

Requests for observer status should reach the Secretariat by 19 July 2019.  A completed registration form or a written indication of your organization's intention to participate is sufficient.

Please note that the approved observer organizations can register by 17 August 2019.



Participants are kindly invited to download the AC25 documents as they become available. If you would like to submit documents relevant to the agenda items, please send them to the Secretariat by 13 August 2019.

Information note for participants containing details on the venue, accommodation options and local transport is available under Other documents. 

Should you experience problems in downloading documents or require any other assistance, please contact the ASCOBANS Secretariat at ascobans.secretariat@ascobans.org

We look forward to welcoming you to Stralsund in September! 


17 Sep 2019 to 19 Sep 2019
Registration Deadline17/08/2019
OrganizerASCOBANS Secretariat
VenueOZEANEUM, Hafenstrasse 1, Entrance: "Tagungszentrum"

Download all files as .zip

Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.1.2a/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.1.2b Provisional Annotated Agenda and Schedule
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.1.2c Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.4.1/Rev.1 Progress Report Jastarnia Plan
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.4.2 Progress Report for WBBK Plan
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.4.3/Rev.1 Progress Report on the Conservation Plan for the Harbour Porpoise in the North Sea (2019)
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.4.4 Common Dolphin Group
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.7.2/Rev.1 Draft List of Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS 2019-2020
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.8.1 Report of the Secretariat on Outreach and Education Activities
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.8.2 ASCOBANS Outreach and Education Award 2020
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.9.3 Activities Requiring Funding
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.10 ASCOBANS Work Plan 2017-2020: Overview of Implementation
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.17 ASCOBANS National Reporting Format 2018
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.18.1 Report on Administrative Issues 2018-2019
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.18.2a End of Term Report on Budgetary Issues 2018
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.18.2b Mid-Term Report on Budgetary Issues 2019
ASCOBANS/AC25/Doc.20 Options for Future Meetings of the Advisory Committee
Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.1.2/Rev.1 List of Documents
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.1 Lone Rangers- Report on Solitary Dolphins and Whales including Recommendations for their Protection
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.3 Organochlorine Contaminants and Reproductive Implication in Cetaceans: A Case Study of the Common Dolphin
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.4 Monitoring of Marine Mammal Strandings along French Coasts
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.4b A Joint IWC-IUCN-ACCOBAMS Workshop to evaluate how the Data and Process used to identify Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) can assist the IWC to identify areas of High Risk for Ship Strikes
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.7a A Calorific Map of Harbour Porpoise Prey in the North Sea
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.7b Design of a Monitoring Plan for the Southern North Sea Candidate Special Area of Conservation for Harbour Porpoise
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.7c Bycatch and Mitigation Approaches in Harbour Porpoise Special Area of Conservation
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.2.7d Regional Seas Application of Area-based Management Tools, including Marine Protected Areas – Case Studies
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.3.1a Report from the ACCOBAMS-ASCOBANS Joint Bycatch Working Group (AC25)
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.3.1b Guidelines for the Safe and Humane Handling and Release of Bycaught Small Cetaceans from Fishing Gear (Draft August 2019)
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.3.1c ICES Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species (WGBYC) - Report 2019
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.3.2/Rev.1 Best Practice on Cetacean Post Mortem Investigation and Tissue Sampling
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.3.4 Terms of Reference for the Resource Depletion Working Group
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.4.1 Report of the 15th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.4.3 Report of the 7th Meeting of the North Sea Group
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.4.3a Report of the Joint IMR/NAMMCO International Workshop on the Status of Harbour Porpoises in the North Atlantic
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.4.3b Report of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee Working Group on Harbour Porpoise
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.5.1 Future Directions in Research on Beaked Whales
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.6a STECF Review of the Implementation of the EU Regulation on the Incidental Catches of Cetaceans
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.6b/Rev.1 Report from the Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Working Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive to AC25
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.6c Update on the Implementation of the EU Nature, Marine and Fisheries Policies relevant for ASCOBANS Activities
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.7.1a Report of the IWC Workshop on Bycatch Opportunities in the Western Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.7.1b Report of the IWC Scientific Committee (SC/68a)
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.9.1 Development of a Web-Accessed Database for Marine Mammals Stranding and Necropsy Data
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.11 List of Extant ASCOBANS Resolutions
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.12 CCB concerns about Mine Detonations in Fehmarnbelt
ASCOBANS/AC25/Inf.16 Status of Accession and Acceptance of the Agreement's Amendment
Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.1 Cetacean Watching Industry
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.2 Recreational Sea Use
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.3 Pollution and Hazardous Substances (incl. Microplastics)
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.4 Ship Strikes
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.5 Climate Change
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.6 Physical Habitat Change
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.7 National Reporting Area based Conservation / Marine Protected Areas
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.2.8 Other Sources of Disturbance
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.3.1.1 Outcomes of the OSPAR-HELCOM Workshop to Examine Possibilities for Developing Indicators for Incidental Bycatch of Birds and Marine Mammals
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.3.1.2 What We Know About the Effectiveness of the 'PAL' (Porpoise Alert) Application as an Anti-Bycatch-Measure
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.3.2 Update on ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS Cetacean Pathology Harmonization Protocol
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.3.4 Resource Depletion
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.4.1 Jastarnia and WBBK Harbour Porpoise Plan Progress Report
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.4.1.1 Data from Poland on Harbour Porpoise Strandings
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.4.3 North Sea Harbour Porpoise Plan Progress Report
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.4.4 Species Action Plan for the North East Atlantic Common Dolphin
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.5.1 Beaked Whales
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.5.3 Update on White-beaked Dolphin Sample Archive
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.6 Update on the Implementation of EU Nature, Marine and Fisheries Policies Relevant for ASCOBANS Activities
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.9.2 Coordination of the ASCOBANS Harbour Porpoise Plans
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.12 NATO Munitions clearing NW Fehmarn (Germany) August 2019
ASCOBANS/AC25/Pres.17.1 Report back from the Intersessional WG on National Reporting