18 May 2008: The 6th International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise

The CMS/ASCOBANS Secretariat is pleased to announce that an updated and revised version of the IDBHP Handbook is available for download from the ASCOBANS Website (link) and upon request as a hardcopy from the Secretariat (please contact Tine Lindberg to be sent your copy).
As one of the tasks undertaken by the first intern of the new ASCOBANS team, Mr Christian Bogen, the Handbook has been restructured and compressed, allowing the reader to locate topics of interest much easier. We hope that it will serve as a useful guide for those planning their own events for 2008 and will motivate many to join in this outreach event, intended to raise awareness among the people around the Baltic Sea, who often know little or nothing of their native cetacean species and its plight.
In 2008, the 6th IDBHP will be celebrated on 18 May. We hope that many institutions will use this opportunity to organise dedicated events. The Secretariat stands ready to assist in every way possible. Also, we would like to ask you to keep us informed about your plans, which we will announce on the ASCOBANS website before the event, and to submit a short report on your activities, the feedback received and some photos to the Secretariat afterwards, to help us prepare again an update of the Handbook.


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