4-6 May 2011: 18th Meeting of the Advisory Committee, UN Campus, Bonn, Germany

17 December 2010 - Invitations for the 18th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee have been sent out. It will be held from 4-6 May 2011 at the UN Campus in Bonn. The Provisional Agenda and more information on the venue, transport and accommodation will be posted shortly on this page.
The AC's role is to facilitate the implementation of the ASCOBANS by providing advice and information to the Secretariat and the Parties between the sessions of the Meeting of Parties (MOP). Reports of past meetings can be accessed here.
Observers are usually welcome to attend these meetings. Those interested are required to inform the Secretariat in writing of their intention to participate no later than 4 March 2011 to allow Parties time to decide on their admission. Please refer to the official invitation letter for details.
For any questions, please contact the ASCOBANS Secretariat.

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