4 July 2011: Consultancy Position – Preparation of a Draft Paper on the “Gap Area” currently not covered by the Jastarnia Plan – deadline for applications 31 July

There is evidence that the harbor porpoise population in the Kattegat, Danish Straits and Baltic west of the Darss-Limhamn line, which is currently not covered by either the Jastarnia Plan or the North Sea Plan adopted under ASCOBANS, may be in severe decline. In order to address this problem, the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee decided that a consultant should be commissioned to develop, with intersessional input from the Jastarnia Group, a draft paper containing background information and proposed objectives and measures for the “gap area” currently not covered by the Jastarnia Plan. This paper should be reviewed and refined by the 8th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group with a view to enabling formal adoption of such objectives and measures by the 7th Meeting of the Parties.”
Applicants are requested to make an offer to the Secretariat by 31 July 2011. Please refer to the Terms of Reference for details.

Last updated on 25 March 2014

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