Advisory Committee Workspace Now Online

29 January 2013 - After months of preparation, we are pleased to launch the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee Workspace, an online platform designed for progressing the intersessional work of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee. It provides an innovative and powerful tool which facilitates participation, promotes communication and supports goal-driven work of the Advisory Committee. We are looking forward to constructive and lively discussions on the many important topics we are working on!
The Workspace is structured in line with the Advisory Committee's Work Plan and the terms of reference of the working groups. All topics have been assigned to a Regional Working Group, a Thematic Working Group, or if none of these were appropriate were listed under Other Topics. A menu shows the individual tasks related to each working group or other topic. Relevant documents have been linked to or uploaded for each task, and information on the mandate given to the Advisory Committee has been provided for each to aid the discussions.
Participants in recent Advisory Committee Meetings as well as members of the various intersessional working groups have been individually invited to the Workspace.

Last updated on 25 March 2014

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