People behind ASCOBANS: Monika Lesz

  Name: Monika Lesz

  Organization: Ministry of Environment, Department for the Nature Conservation

  Country: Poland

  Involved with ASCOBANS since: 2008

When I was young, I dreamed about being an active and meaningful element of wildlife, but as an adult, I realized that it would be quite difficult to find work and make a living as Mowgli from “The Jungle Book” by J. R. Kipling. Then I decided to dedicate my time and efforts to environmental protection, and I have been working for the Polish Ministry of the Environment since 1989. In the year 2009, I had the chance to work in the field of marine issues in the framework of international cooperation. Already at my first ASCOBANS meeting I admired the work of all the participants, and especially the experts involved in the subject. Also, I was very much impressed by the variety of aspects that interact with the world of small cetaceans. My greatest personal benefit from the work for ASCOBANS was the opportunity to meet a large number of great people, especially Professor Krzysztof Skóra. 

Yet, I believe, we all have benefited greatly from the ASCOBANS Agreement. In my opinion, the SAMBAH project and its results were of the greatest importance. It has helped us to better understand small cetaceans. The most important animal for me is of course the harbour porpoise – the only representative of small cetaceans in Polish waters.

I trust that ASCOBANS will continue its excellent work, will create many projects as significant and successful as SAMBAH was, and will have an impact on regional and global legislation dedicated to marine issues. Best wishes ASCOBANS!

Last updated on 21 February 2017

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