7th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

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13 Mar 2000 to 16 Mar 2000

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Number Title Files
AC7/Doc.1 List of Documents
AC7/Doc.2 Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee
AC7/Doc.3 Provisional Annotated Agenda
AC7/Doc.4 Opening Statement: Bycatch of the Harbour Porpoise
AC7/Doc.5 Opening statement by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
AC7/Doc.6 Report on Preparations for the Third Meeting of Parties to ASCOBANS
AC7/Doc.7 Understanding the echolocation behaviour of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) inorder to reduce bycatch
AC7/Doc.8 Location and extent of seismic activities in the ASCOBANS and neighbouring areas during1997 and 1998 and mitigation measures (data submitted by Parties)
AC7/Doc.9 Disturbance by high-speed ferries, Secretariat's Update
AC7/Doc.10 The Conservation of the sperm whale In the Canary Islands
AC7/Doc.11 Information submitted by Parties in response to cetacean stranding schemes questionnaire
AC7/Doc.12 Harbour porpoises on Belgian beaches from 1990 to 1999
AC7/Doc.13 Investigations of the influence of pollutants on the endocrine and immune systems ofharbour porpoises from the German North and Baltic Seas
AC7/Doc.14 Fisheries statistics. Note from the Secretariat
AC7/Doc.15 Data on fishing effort submitted by Belgium
AC7/Doc.16 Data and Comments on fishing effort submitted by Germany
AC7/Doc.17 Data on fishing effort submitted by Poland
AC7/Doc.18 Data on fishing effort submitted by Sweden
AC7/Doc.19 Potential conflicts between national legislation and ASCOBANS
AC7/Doc.20 Draft: Reporting format for ASCOBANS and HELCOM recommendation 17/2 "Protection ofharbour porpoise in the Baltic Sea area"
AC7/Doc.21 Extract from report of HELCOM EC 10/99: Implementation and reporting of HELCOMrecommendations in the field of EC
AC7/Doc.22 Letter of 15 December 1999 from HELCOM to the International Baltic Sea FisheryCommission
AC7/Doc.23 Report on the OSPAR-IMPACT Workshop on the criteria for the selection of species andhabitats (Horta, Azores, 12 - 16 July 1999)
AC7/Doc.24 Report on the OSPAR-IMPACT meeting 1999 (Brest, 15 - 19 November 1999)
AC7/Doc.25 Developing a Framework for Marine Protected Areas in the North-East AtlanticReport from the Workshop held 13-14 November 1999 in Brest, France
AC7/Doc.26 AEWG Report on future status and location of the ASCOBANS Secretariat
AC7/Doc.27 Integration of the ASCOBANS Secretariat into the Agreements Unit of UNEP/CMS
AC7/Doc.28 Considerations on the future status of the ASCOBANS Secretariat
AC7/Doc.29 Audit report for the 1999 Budget
AC7/Doc.30 Draft Resolution No2: Financial, Budgetary and Administrative Matters
AC7/Doc.31 Basis for Annual Contributions to ASCOBANS
AC7/Doc.32 ASCOBANS Poster
AC7/Doc.33 Considerations on the Tenth Anniversary of ASCOBANS
AC7/Doc.34 Rev.1 List of dates of interest to ASCOBANS in 2000
AC7/Doc.35 Draft Agenda for MOP 3
AC7/Doc.36 Protected areas for cetaceans
AC7/Doc.37 Testing the application of OSPAR criteria for the selection of priority species for protectivemeasures using cetaceans
AC7/Doc.38 Harbour Porpoises - the bycatch problem as seen in a fisheries perspective
AC7/Doc.39 Data on fishing effort and notes on the ASCOBANS fisheries statistics form submitted by theUnited Kingdom
AC7/Doc.40 A UK conservation strategy for the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
AC7/Doc. 41 Information by the Federal Republic of Germany