ECS-ASCOBANS Workshop on Scoping the Development of a European Marine Strandings Database


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Photo © Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme

The ASCOBANS region contains many long-term strandings monitoring and investigation programmes, several spanning multiple decades. Data that are collected through these programmes are routinely collated on national/local databases, and in many instances, made available through reports and/or public release of information. Currently there is no mechanism to combine and display these data at an international level or across the range-states of the species under investigation. Collating data at a wider spatial resolution is likely to assist in identifying unusual mortality events, assessing trends in species distribution and streamline IGO reporting requirements.

The objective of the workshop is to identify the possible benefits and challenges associated with developing and curating a European wide strandings database for the ASCOBANS region. This workshop will aim to a) identify key drivers and benefits from developing a strandings database b )identify stakeholder requirements / specifications / concerns for a database, including issues of data ownership; c) identify important technical considerations and operational maintenance requirements; d) formulate a design brief, incl. potential outline costs and timescales for the project.

The workshop is organized as part of the 34th Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society. Due to space limitations, participation to the workshop is by invitation only. For any queries, including expressions of interest to attend, please contact Jenny Renell, ASCOBANS Coordinator. Kindly note the Secretariat is unable to cover travel costs.

16 Apr 2023 09:00 to 16 Apr 2023 13:00
CityO Grove, Galicia
VenueHotel Spa Norat O Grove, Rúa Luís Casais 22

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ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.1 Overview of relevant ASCOBANS Provisions for the Workshop
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.2 Overview of Previous Workshop
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.3 ASCOBANS Database Survey Overview
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.4 Data Collection on Live and Dead Marine Mammals in the Schleswig-Holstein Stranding Network
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.5 Dutch Marine Strandings Platform – Introduction
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.8 Stranding Database, Stranding Network, Polish Experience
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.9 CSIP Strandings Database
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.10 Monitoring Marine Animal Strandings as a Part of Health and Disease Surveillance in Sweden
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.11 Harmonisation of Stranding Data and Data Repositories – Where are we? Results from an EU JRC Survey across European Stranding Networks
ECS-ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.12 IWC Strandings Database Overview
ECS/ASCOBANS/DB-WS/Pres.15 Joint Cetacean Data Programme – from Scoping to Launch (and everything in between)