10th Meeting of the Advisory Committee

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09 Apr 2003 to 11 Apr 2003

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AC10/Doc.1 rev. 1 Draft Agenda
AC10/Doc.2 Draft Annotated Agenda
AC10/Doc.3 rev. 5 Provisional List of Documents
AC10/Doc.4 Provisional List of Documents by Agenda Item
AC10/Doc.5 Opening Statement by WWF to the 10th Meeting of the Advisory Committee to ASCOBANS
AC10/Doc.6 Updated Implementation Plan for the Jastarnia Plan
AC10/Doc.7 Disturbance to cetaceans by shipping Ship Collisions with Whales
AC10/Doc.8 Abundance survey planning (SCANS II), update Opportunistic Sightings of Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in the Baltic Sea
AC10/Doc.9 Post-mortem and stranding schemesTrends in Cetaceans Strandings on the British Coastline 1994 - 1999
AC10/Doc.10 Summer distribution of Harbour Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in the German North and Baltic Sea
AC10/Doc.11 Future Scope and Direction of ASCOBANS PR Activities
AC10/Doc.12 Draft Resolution No. 1: Headquarters Agreement for and Juridical Personality of the Agreement Secretariat
AC10/Doc.13 Draft Resolution No. 2: Educational and Promotional Activities
AC10/Doc.14 Investigating the habitat use of harbour porpoises in German waters using porpoise detectors (PODs)
AC10/Doc.15 Improved Information on Seismic Activities
AC10/Doc.16 rev.1 (Restricted) Draft Resolution No. 3: Financial and Budgetary Matters
AC10/Doc.17 Draft Resolution No. 4: Extension of the ASCOBANS Agreement Area
AC10/Doc.18 Analysis of Responses to Post-Meeting Questionnaire 2002
AC10/Doc.19 Cetacean bycatch in pelagic trawl fisheries in the Celtic Sea, Biscay,Channel area - a case for emergency action
AC10/Doc.20 Draft Resolution No. 5: Disturbance
AC10/Doc.21 Draft Resolution No. 6: Incidental Take of Small Cetaceans
AC10/Doc.22 Draft Resolution No. 7: Monitoring, Status and Population Studies
AC10/Doc.23 ASCOBANS Fact Sheet No. 1: What is the ASCOBANS Recovery Planfor Baltic Harbour Porpoises (Jastarnia Plan)?
AC10/Doc.24 Recommendation 7.2. "Implementation of Resolution 6.2 on By-catch", adopted by the Conference of the Parties to CMS at its Seventh Meeting, Bonn, 2002
AC10/Doc.25 Relevant Decisions of the Ministerial Declaration of the 9th Trilateral Governmental Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea, Esbjerg, 2001
AC10/Doc.26 Draft Resolution No. 8: Further Implementation of ASCOBANS
AC10/Doc.27 Draft Resolution No. 9: Activities of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee 2004-2006
AC10/Doc.28 UK Small Cetacean Bycatch Response Strategy
AC10/Doc.29 Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2003/2004
AC10/Doc.30 Progress report from UK by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) on the implementation of resolution 4 to develop a monitoring system that will enable adaptive management of seismic survey activities
AC10/Doc.31 Rules of Procedure for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee As amended at the 9th ASCOBANS Advisory Committee meeting10 - 12 June 2002, Hindås, Sweden
AC10/Doc.32 The relative abundance of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from acoustic and visual surveys in German, Danish, Swedish andPolish waters during 2001 and 2002
AC9/Doc.33 High-Speed Ferries: Secretariat's Update
AC10/Doc.33a High-speed ferries operating in Polish waters in 2002
AC10/Doc.35 Restricted Draft financial statement for budget year 2002
AC10/Doc.36 rev. 1 Fisheries Statistics - Data Submitted by Parties and Range States
AC10/Doc.36a Bycatch Issues Polish total landings in 2000-2002
AC10/Doc.37 Information submitted by Parties and Range States in response to post-mortem research questionnaire
AC10/Doc.38 Information submitted by Parties on seismic activities
AC10/Doc.39 Bycatch as a potential threat to harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena L.) in Polish Baltic Waters
AC10/Doc.40 Report for the 10th Meeting of the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee on Poland's Activities in the Field of Publicising the Problems of the Status and the Protection of Small Cetaceans in the Baltic
AC10/Doc.41 Publicity/PR Issues: Secretariat New ASCOBANS Logo
AC10/Doc.43 French observer programme in the ASCOBANS Area (1994-1996)
AC10/Doc.44 Walter M. X. Zimmer: Sonar systems and stranding of beaked whales
AC10/Doc.45 Recording of cetaceans strandings in Brittany in 2001
AC10/Doc.46 Small Cetacean Abundance in the North Sea and adjacentwaters: Further progress with SCANS II
Financial Statements and Status of Contributions 2001
AC10/Doc.47 rev. 1 The range of acoustic pingers in the Baltic and the North Sea