23rd Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The location on the map is approximate!


Participants are kindly invited to download the AC23 documents as they become available.

Information for participants containing details on the venue, hotel reservations and local transport are available in Other documents, in Travel Information.

Should you experience problems in downloading documents or require any other assistance, please contact Bettina Reinartz and Aline Kühl-Stenzel at ascobans.secretariat@ascobans.org

We look forward to welcoming you to Le Conquet in September! 

Online registration

Please register here for the meeting by 5 August.


Requests for observer status need to reach the Secretariat by 7 July. A completed registration form or a written indication of your organization's intention to participate is sufficient. Please note that the following approved observer organizations listed here only need to register by 5 August.


05 Sep 2017 09:00 to 07 Sep 2017 18:00
Registration Deadline06/08/2017
CityLe Conquet
VenueParc naturel marin d'Iroise, Pointe de Renards

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Number Title Files
AC23/Doc.1.2.a Provisional Agenda
AC23/Doc.1.2.b_rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Schedule
AC23/Doc.1.3 ASCOBANS Work Plan 2017-2020 Progress
AC23/Doc.2.1.a Report of the 12th Jastarnia Group Meeting
AC23/Doc.2.1.b Report of the 13th Jastarnia Group Meeting
AC23/Doc.2.1.c Draft Terms of Reference for a Coordinator of Harbour Porpoise Action Plans
AC23/Doc.2.2.a Report of the 6th ASCOBANS North Sea Group Meeting
AC23/Doc.7.1 Report of the Secretariat on Outreach and Education Acitivites
AC23/Doc.7.3 Draft List of Dates of Interest to ASCOBANS in 2017/2018
AC23/Doc.9.1 Progress of Projects supported through ASCOBANS
AC23/Doc.9.2 Activities Requiring Funding
AC23/Doc.15.1.a National Reporting Format for ASCOBANS 2016
AC23/Doc.15.1.b National Reporting Supporting Table
AC23/Doc.16.1.a Report on Administrative Issues 2016-2017
AC23/Doc.16.2.a ASCOBANS Budget Report 2016
AC23/Doc.16.2.b ASCOBANS MidTerm Budget Report 2017
Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
AC23/Inf.1.2.a Rules of Procedures for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee Meeting
AC23/Inf.1.2.b_rev.1 List of Documents
AC23/Inf.3.1.a White-beaked dolphin review (2008)
AC23/Inf.3.1.b White-beaked dolphin review (2016)- Lagenorhynchus albirostris (Cetacea:Delphinedae)
AC23/Inf.4.1.a Estimates of cetacean abundance in European Atlantic waters in summer 2016 from the SCANS-III aerial and shipboard surveys
AC23/Inf.5.1.1.a Comments on ASCOBANS monitoring and reporting process with regards to underwater noise affecting cetaceans
AC23/Inf.5.1.1.b Report of Best Practice Workshop: Fostering Inter-regional Cooperation in Underwater Noise Monitoring and Impact Assessment in Waters around Europe
AC23/Inf.5.1.1.c Report of the Joint CMS/ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Noise Working Group (2017)
AC23/Inf.5.1.1.d Marine Noise_cms_cop12_doc.24.2.2_marine-noise_e_n
AC23/Inf.5.1.1.e Technical Support Information to the CMS Family Guidelines on Environmental Impact Assessment for Marine Noise-Generating Activities
AC23/Inf.5.1.1.f Contribution to the Noise Section of the ASCOBANS National Reporting Format
AC23/Inf.6.1.a Draft Report of the Expert Workshop on Unacceptable Interactions and Bycatch
AC23/Inf.6.1.b Views on the current legislative process to revise & update EU bycatch measures and suggested solutions to reduce bycatch
AC23/Inf.6.1.c Cetacean Bycatch Monitoring and Mitigation Under EC Regulation 812/2004 in the Northeast Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea - Interim Report
AC23/Inf.7.1.a Reports form Relevant Meetings Back to ASCOBANS
AC23/Inf.7.1.b Letter from NAMMCO regarding 2018 stock assessment of Harbour Porpoises in the North Atlantic
AC23/Inf.7.1.c Final Report on the 2013 NAMMCO Scientific Committee Working Group on Harbour Porpoises
AC23/Inf.7.2 Overview of relevant CMS COP12 documents
AC23/Inf.9.1.a Project Report: Necropsy Protocol
AC23/Inf.14 Status of Accession and Acceptance of the Agreement's Amendment
AC23/Inf.15.a Annual National Report 2016 Belgium
AC23/Inf.15.c Annual National Report 2016 Finland
AC23/Inf.15.d Annual National Report 2016 France
AC23/Inf.15.e_rev.1 Annual National Report 2016 Germany
AC23/Inf.15.g Annual National Report 2016 The Netherlands
AC23/Inf.15.h Annual National Report 2016 Poland
AC23/Inf.15.j Annual National Report 2016 United Kingdom
Download all files of this section in
Number Title Files
AC23 Invitation Letter
AC23/2.1 13th Jastarnia Group Meeting
AC23/2.2 Report of the 6th Meeting of the ASCOBANS North Sea Group
AC23/2.4 Common Dolphin Conservation Plan
AC23/3 The White Beaked Dolphin in Europe
AC23/5.1.1 Underwater Noise
AC23/5.1.2 Ocean Energy
AC23/5.1.2 Définition des enjeux et risques liés à l’implantation d’une ferme hydrolienne industrielle dans le Fromveur.
AC23/5.3.1 Marine Spatial Planning
AC23/6.1 What Future for Cetacean Bycatch in European Waters?
AC23/6.2 The French MSFD marine mammals monitoring programme for the NE Atlantic
AC23/7.1 Report from 2017 Meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission
AC23/7.1 Contributing to a Sustainable North
AC23 Travel Information