24th Meeting of the Advisory Committee


Vilnius view by Diliff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Participants are kindly invited to download the AC24 documents as they become available.

Information for participants containing details on the venue, hotel reservations and local transport will become available shortly in Other documents as Travel Information.

Should you experience problems in downloading documents or require any other assistance, please contact Bettina Reinartz and Aline Kühl-Stenzel at ascobans.secretariat@ascobans.org

We look forward to welcoming you to Vilnius in September! 

Online registration

Please register here for the meeting by 25 August.


Requests for observer status need to reach the Secretariat by 27 July. A completed registration form or a written indication of your organization's intention to participate is sufficient. Please note that the following approved observer organizations listed here only need to register by 25 August.


25 Sep 2018 to 27 Sep 2018
Registration Deadline25/08/2018
VenueNational Visitors Center, State Service for Protected Areas, Ministry of Environment, Antakalnio str. 25,10312 Vilnius, Lithuania

Download all files as .zip

Number Title Files
AC24/Doc.1.2.a Rev.1 Provisional Agenda
AC24/Doc.1.2.b Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda and Schedule
AC24/Doc.1.3 ASCOBANS Work Plan 2017-2020 Progress
AC24/Doc.3.0 Draft Project Plan for the long-term Coordination of the Harbour Porpoise Action Plans
AC24/Doc.3.1.a Report of the 14th Meeting of the Jastarnia Group
AC24/Doc.3.1.b Progress Report on the Recovery Plan for Baltic Harbour Porpoises (Jastarnia Plan)
AC24/Doc.3.2.b Progress Report on the Conservation Plan for Harbour Porpoises in the North Sea
AC24/Doc.3.3 Progress Report on the Conservation Plan for the Harbour Porpoise Population in the Western Baltic, the Belt Sea and Kattegat (WBBK)
AC24/Doc.3.4 Draft Species Action Plan for the North East Atlantic Common Dolphin
AC24/Doc. 5.1 Draft Data Request for White Beaked Dolphin
AC24/Doc.10.1 Report of the Secretariat on Outreach and Education Activities
AC24/Doc.11.2 Activities Requiring Funding
AC24/Doc.18.1 ASCOBANS Administrative Report 2017
AC24/Doc.18.2.a rev.1 Report on Budgetary Issues 2017
AC24/Doc.18.2.b Mid-Term Report on Budgetary Issues 2018
Number Title Files
AC24/Inf.1.2.a Rules of Procedures for the ASCOBANS Advisory Committee Meeting
AC24/Inf.1.2.b rev.1 List of Documents
AC24/Inf.2.0 National Reporting Format for ASCOBANS
AC24/Inf.2.a 2017 Annual National Report: Finland
AC24/Inf.2.b 2017 Annual National Report: The Netherlands
AC24/Inf.2.c 2017 Annual National Report: Poland
AC24/Inf.2.d 2017 Annual National Report: Germany
AC24/Inf.2.e 2017 Annual National Report: Belgium
AC24/Inf.2.f 2017 Annual National Report: United Kingdom
AC24/Inf.2.g 2017 Annual National Report: France
AC24/Inf.2.h 2017 Annual National Report: Sweden
AC24/Inf.2.i 2017 National Report: Lithuania
AC24/Inf.2.1.a Terms of Reference for a Joint Bycatch Working Group of ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS
AC24/Inf.2.1.b ICES Report from the Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species (ICES CM 2018/ACOM:25)
AC24/Inf.2.1.c RASS Marine Policy Paper
AC24/Inf.2.1.d Development of a Removals Limit Algorithm (RLA) to set Limits to Anthropogenic Mortality of Small Cetaceans to meet Specified Conservation Objectives, with an Example Implementation for Bycatch of Harbour Porpoise in the North Sea
AC24/Inf.2.1.e Seafood Import Provisions under the Marine Mammal Protection Act
AC24/Inf.2.1.f Compliance Guide – Marine Mammal Protection Act Import Provisions to Reduce Marine Mammal Bycatch
AC24/Inf.2.3.a Report of the Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS/RAC-SPA Workshop on Marine Debris and Cetacean stranding (ECS 2018)
AC24/Inf.2.5.a Cetacean Pathology: Necropsy Technique & Tissue Sampling
AC24/Inf.2.5.b IWC Strandings Initiative Update
AC24/Inf.2.5.c IWC Bycatch Mitigation Initiative Strategic Plan
AC24/Inf.2.5.d IWC Bycatch Mitigation Initiative Workplan
AC24/Inf.3.2.a Setting Research Priorities to Guide Management of Harbour Porpoises
AC24/Inf.3.3.a Letter regarding Mitigation of Marine Mammal Bycatch in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond
AC24/Inf.3.3.b Response to Letter regarding Mitigaton of Marine Mammal Bycatch in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond
AC24/Inf.4.1.a Phylogeography and Population Dynamics of the White-Sided Dolphin in the North Atlantic
AC24/Inf.4.1.b Catch History and Distribution of White-Sided Dolphin of the Faroe Islands
AC24/Inf.4.1.c Background Paper on Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin (Evans & Smeenk 2008)
AC24/Inf.5.1.a Spatiotemporal Trends in White-Beaked Dolphin Strandings along the North Sea Coast from 1991-2017
AC24/Inf.9.0 LUTRA North Sea Cetacean Special
AC24/Inf.9.3.a Overview of Relevant CMS COP12 Outcomes
AC24/Inf.9.3.b CMS Listing of Species in the ASCOBANS Region
AC24/Inf.11.1.a Project Report to ASCOBANS for the Project "Baltic Sea Harbour Porpoise Foraging Habitats (BALHAB)"
AC24/Inf.16 Status of Accession and Acceptance of the Agreement's Amendment