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An internship at the ASCOBANS Secretariat provides a good opportunity to gain experience in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment, as well as in the day-to-day functioning of an Multilateral Environmental Agreement (MEA) Secretariat.

The ASCOBANS Secretariat offers interships to qualified university graduates or students, enrolled in a tertiary course of study, interested in gaining experience in the areas of:

  • Biology
  • Environmental and political sciences
  • Law
  • International studies
  • Any other area related to the work of the Secretariat

Internship - Areas of Work

Interns are supervised by the ASCOBANS Coordinator, supporting her with particular tasks. Some examples are:

  • Assistance with preparations and servicing ASCOBANS meetings or workshops
  • Research in preparation for reports, documents or publications
  • Assistance with outreach and education, incl. the annual International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise (IDBHP)
  • Dealing with website content
  • Other support to the day-to-day operations of the Secretariat

Internship – Facts

Depending on places available, the ASCOBANS Secretariat offers internships for a period of 3 – 6 months, beginning at any time. The Secretariat is located at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany.

Internships are not remunerated – all expenses must be covered by the intern or a sponsoring Government or institution. Written confirmation of enrolment in an appropriate health insurance scheme and in an university must be provided in advance.

Internship – Requirements and Application Procedure

Students should:

  • Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor’ s level or equivalent), or be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent  or higher), or have graduated with an university degree (as defined above) and, if selected, must commence the internship within a one-year period of graduation
  • The working language of the Secretariat is English; full ability to work in English (written and spoken) is required. Knowledge of further languages spoken in the Agreement Area is an asset
  • Interns should have standard computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Interns need to agree with the scope of tasks before the start of the internship

Internships at the ASCOBANS Secretariat are advertised at the UN Careers Portal. Interested candidates can also find further information about internships at the UN Environment Program website

For further information contact the ASCOBANS Secretariat at