Meeting Start date Status Country CMS Instrument
ASCOBANS Workshop on Management of MPAs for Small Cetaceans 18/05/2021 Confirmed ASCOBANS
Joint ACCOBAMS and ASCOBANS Workshop on Harmonization of the Best Practices for Necropsy of Cetaceans and for the Development of Diagnostic Frameworks 25/06/2019 Concluded Italy ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
Workshop of the ASCOBANS Intersessional Working Group on National Reporting 07/02/2019 Concluded Germany ASCOBANS
Joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS/ECS/SPA-RAC Workshop on Marine Debris and Cetacean Stranding 06/04/2018 Concluded Italy ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
ECS/ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS Best Practice Workshop: Fostering Inter-regional Cooperation in Underwater Noise Monitoring and Impact Assessment in Waters around Europe 29/04/2017 Concluded Denmark ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
Expert Workshop 'Unacceptable Interactions' & Bycatch 22/02/2017 Concluded Germany ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS Workshop on Conserving Cetaceans in the Seas around Europe through Synergy-building between the Relevant Legislative Frameworks 12/03/2016 Concluded Portugal ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
Workshop on Remote Electronic Monitoring with Regards to Bycatch of Small Cetaceans 02/10/2015 Concluded Netherlands ASCOBANS
--POSTPONED-- Workshop on the Further Development of Management Procedures for Defining the Threshold of ‘Unacceptable Interactions’ / Removals of Concern - Part II 10/09/2015 Postponed Germany ASCOBANS
Workshop on the Further Development of Management Procedures for Defining the Threshold of ‘Unacceptable Interactions’ - Part I: Developing a Shared Understanding on the Use of Thresholds / Environmental Limits 10/07/2015 Concluded United Kingdom ASCOBANS
Expert Workshop on the Requirements of Legislation to Address Monitoring and Mitigation of Small Cetacean Bycatch 21/01/2015 Concluded Germany ASCOBANS
Joint ECS/ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS Workshop on Introducing Noise into the Marine Environment - What are the Requirements for an Impact Assessment for Marine Mammals? 06/04/2014 Concluded Belgium ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
Joint ECS/ASCOBANS/ACCOBAMS Workshop on The challenge of spatially managing cetaceans – a highly mobile animal group 07/04/2013 Concluded Portugal ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS
ECS/ASCOBANS/WDC Workshop Towards a Conservation Strategy for White-beaked Dolphins in the Northeast Atlantic 06/04/2013 Concluded Portugal ASCOBANS
The EU Habitats Directive & its implementation in relation to cetaceans 24/03/2012 Concluded Ireland ASCOBANS
Chemical Pollution and Marine Mammals 20/03/2011 Concluded Spain ASCOBANS
ASCOBANS/ECS Cetacean Bycatch Mitigation 20/03/2010 Concluded Germany ASCOBANS
Small Cetacean Population Structure Workshops 08/10/2007 Concluded Germany ASCOBANS
Selection Criteria for Marine Protected Areas for Cetaceans 22/04/2007 Concluded Spain ASCOBANS
Offshore Wind Farms and Marine Mammals 21/04/2007 Concluded Spain ASCOBANS
SCANS-II Workshop on Monitoring and Management of European Small Cetaceans 11/04/2005 Concluded France ASCOBANS